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Temecula, CA – The ‘marijuana is cool’ movement is spreading faster than a chem-trail. I figured it was time to catch up and see where the movement is going. Since you now have a mixture of ego, reefer madness NV [new version], star power, sexual politics, power politics, scantily clothed young women, and Occupy all involved, well Sports Fans, it was time to get the real skinny to sum up this smoky slippery swirling situation for our readers as a PSA.

Using the LLWAP [my force] to turn a 3-day weekend into 4 (don’t ask), a pot poonanza appeared to answer all my questions and wonderings.

Here then is my Indiana Jones report, still smoldering, that begins in Los Vegas with Fast Eddy.

As usual, this story begins with a call on the red phone. It was Fast Eddy, who is experiencing what could be racial profiling of his pot delivery service drivers.
He is in the process of involving the famous Rev. Al Sharpton against the LVSD [Las Vegas Sheriff Department]. That could be a scoop, an inside scoop which is where I operate.

Eddy was having a catered patient appreciation event for his clients. He needed some extra ‘goodies’ delivered for the party. The run was on. It started with the car I rented. I ordered a small cylinder nondescript mini and they gave keys to a fire engine red LT Malibu. I started to say something but my Spidey sense said roll with it. I was going to Vegas. The car performed and put me in good stead with the party planner, a Miss Ellie. See the forthcoming story Diving Miss Ellie in Vegas-Losers Get A Dance.

While in Vegas I was privy to a venue pot venture and the pressure still emanating behind the scenes by the Fed’s local stooges who want the system to stay the same. But as told in An Anarchist Travels On His Tastebuds, another really delicious spot was found along the way, see Strip View Reveals Great Eats when posted.

Then it was on to LA in a turnaround. This time it was different because this time I had no townie and no plan, only a destination and safe haven for the end. When the smoke cleared only one remained, see the stories, Dat Nigga Grows-Dis Nigga Knows, Get Outta Your Mind-A Party On Two Levels, Grassroots Gender Bias-Duzy of A Double-Cross, but perhaps the most quizzical character to cross my path was the Pot Pied Piper.

It’s during Clubbing In The Tree House-Clinging Between The Streets that I’m in a stimulating conversation as mostly nude young women got painted to a driving club DJ soundtrack in a live art exhibit. The subject of the disarray in the pot revolution came up. When I remarked how split it was, I was joined in chorus by several people who agreed. You could feel a sense of energy in the place that combined the artistic magic, the film creativity, the radical 60s, and the now. 

It was advanced that the days of Noah have returned which means a mix of ‘real world’ things are being thrown with other-worldly Bible miracle stuff like the tetrad. As the discussion moved from there to the unnoticed/unspoken gender-bias found in the male led organizations have toward the smaller less powerful women led groups in the grassroots levels (based on my experience and personal observations in the GMO war), a stranger piped up and said what is needed is some magic to unite the patches of all the pot elements into a team. 

He went on, “Right now all the pot players are playing like stars. The people of the DPA* are playing like a team, a team put together by an eugenics owner. Whether the team believes the sustainability bullshit is irrelevant; they play as a team because they believe they are better and smarter. In reality as the serpent’s seed they are part of the problem and against the solution. For California who started the pot revolution, we got what we wanted but now we are letting them dictate to us what we won with Prop 215.”

He had me at ‘serpent’s seed’, “Sounds like you might have a plan.”

“What’s needed is some magic to thread these pieces together, a magic seed and a magic bee to pollinate it so it will grow. We have to think long term [2016] but hope for some Divine Invention for this go-round. You communicate as a news blogger so you can post the results and you can’t quote me.”

“Why is that,” I asked noticing that he said ‘and’ instead of ‘but’.

“Because I’m the Pot Pied Piper and what I communicate can’t be put into mere words but I can make this happen. Remember the real Pied Piper.”

And I did (see Time-Life's Enchanted World collection series).

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