Friday, May 9, 2014



Temecula, CA – Today California is still engaged in passing a bill to label GMOs in food products like that in over 60* other nations. In this first part of our exclusive look at this ongoing effort from a coalition this news blog has covered since Occupy LA we begin by calling in your order.

California’s bill to label genetically engineered foods, SB 1381, is on its way to the Senate floor! 

However, the bill needs to be passed by the Appropriations Committee first. The hearing is scheduled for May 12.

Please call members of the Appropriations Committee before May 12 and ask them to vote yes for SB 1381. We again need to take action to bring SB 1381 before the Senate floor. 

Like before, say you support SB 1381 and be ready to give your name or zip code or town. It’s as simple as that. The entire group take less than two minutes to complete [from personal experience] including Sen. Walters' message machine, leave name and zip code. Here is the script I used:

"Hello, I am calling to support SB 1381."

At this point because they are very familiar with the bill, they will acknowledge you with asking you your zip/name or just say thank you. These people get a ton of folks calling with something to say and GMOs are a minority.

Here’s who to call:

Senator Kevin de Leon, Chair, (916 651-4022)

Senator Mimi Walters, Vice Chair, (916 651-4037) 

Senator Ted Gaines, (916 651-4001)

Senator Jerry Hill, (916 651-4013)    

Senator Ricardo Lara, (916 651-4033)   

Senator Alex Padilla, (916 651-4020)    

Senator Darrell Steinberg, (916 651-4006) 

As always, Thank You, the Temecula Calendar
(*- includes bans)

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