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Temecula, CA – This past Saturday millions of people around the globe marched in group parades protesting the god-like stranglehold the multi-national corporation Monsanto has over the world and its governments. This common enemy to mankind is beloved by those who profess the religion of eugenics, a popular ethic the turn of two centuries ago by rich ‘white-privilege’ world class thinkers. 

Today covering the modern version of this ages-old equal opportunity American enemy, the trail crosses many paths. In the last six months, four unique points have joined in a common connection – Monsanto. This report covers the GMO food fight; the others, GMO pot, bible GMO, and GMO author reviews, like Brett Wilcox, can be and will be found in various reports posted here. Pictured here are 3 Temecula marchers showing their belief in this food fight. Jesus loves kids and Moms Against Monsanto was started on that same love principle.

May 24, this reporter was back in the OC with Label GMO coordinator John Diaz as marches against Monsanto occurred inside a lamestream media blackout. Despite this official igging, marchers and moms, near and far are feeling great. Why? Because the backlash against Monsanto isn’t a fad, a trend, or what’s hip. Not here, not there, not anywhere. Here’s a few shots and not the LMFAO kind, Monsanto!!

For me, morning started off with our usual load-in of banners, this time featuring a long one that promoted stopping the ‘D.A.R.K. Act’ [Deny Amercians Right to Know (what’s in your food from farm to family!)]

 Just a few of the interesting marchers interviewed by the Calendar were location event host, D'Marie - 2nd left, John Diaz - center, and Tracy - 1st right. Tracy made the Daily Pilot news' PC article.

Here we are organized marching through the downtown Saturday Laguna Beach hubbub.

Here's how things looked to my friends, past and present, in Los Angeles

And to my Hollywood Tree House friends

In the town of Fast Eddy where I was the previous weekend

Up north in the land of legal weed [Seattle] where the war against GMO pot is being waged through education

Across the world in Sydney, Australia

Even in South Africa

But now the dogs have been let out. Woof! Woof!

Despite this


Because of this, among other things

All for this, as well as ourselves

End of Part 1. Part 2 tomorrow, same Bat channel, 8AM for what you can do after the California No GMO March in 6 minutes.

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