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Temecula, CA – It seems that the Donald Sterling ‘race’ story is going to be here for a moment.   Having just watched the Barbara Walters interview with V. Stiviano, you gain a more thorough understanding of the relationship that developed between her and Donald Sterling. I have to apologize to Miss Stiviano. From Chapter 9 and pages 115-117 of Chapter 10, the story of Maxine and Ira, the K-Mart department, the scenario that Stiviano speaks of is born out.

Indeed, it is understandable that after meeting her, Sterling planned on finagling her for sex since he was used to buying people for pleasure.

However it seems from the length of time spent and the recorded conversation heard via leaked tape that she was his personal assistant or ‘wingman’ for trying to bring Sterling into the 21st Century on social skills. Stuck in his racist old school mindset, she tried to steer him toward better social skills. To say that the relationship was just sexual or that Stiviano is a ‘gold digger’ via Cruella De Vil Sterling is also ludicrous. 

Of course in the media, it’s all the woman’s fault as indicated by these remarks. Here we read this as Kareem wears his Capt. Blame-a-bitch hat. 

"Man, what a winding road she led him down to get all of that out," Abdul-Jabbar writes of Stiviano. "She was like a sexy nanny playing 'pin the fried chicken on the Sambo.' She blindfolded him and spun him around until he was just blathering all sorts of incoherent racist sound bites that had the news media peeing themselves with glee."

It seems only Bomani Jones who wrote of Sterling’s racism years ago gives the REALEST take on the Donald Sterling drama when he calls into the Dan LeBatard show.

So as all the sanctimonious talking heads either nigger-pile Sterling and Stiviano or line up to glomb-up an asset Sterling cheap-skated, people are again asking the naïveté question of race and getting along. A look at Gen 3 gives a clue to our history of tribal/race warfare between the members of mankind since the beginning of time. Indeed, since the beginning of there has been the seed/bloodline of the serpent and the woman. Without going into a vast explanation, the endpoint is this. Though everyone looks ‘human’, there remain the two distinct bloodlines undistinguishable and identical, except for attitudes toward others. Complicating this equation are two things. One is explainable and one just is.
The first ‘race’ factor is only the Jew is both a race and a religion. No other group of people on the planet fall into that distinct category. That much is God’s bailiwick. The second race factor is just as complexing.
Over ten years ago a mummified corpse reported to be about six years old when buried. The problem here lies in what the skeletal remains looked like, for they resembled something on a back lot of Hollywood rather than a mummy from South America.
I first read of this story years ago in the early days of the Calendar when it was still know as the Full Value Review. At first I looked at the outrageous report as something you might find in the Inquirer or so other tabloid. However, as has now been proven, the supermarket tabloid isn’t all ‘I Saw Elvis’ fodder.
When I finally reported the story here I had gained enough confidence from my back checking the story to know it was for real. A couple of year back there was a lab that came forth who is capable of DNA testing at the level needed to test the found mummy. Like an expectant father, I waited for the results as when you had to wait till birth to find out what you fathered.
Well, the tests are in. the results are that the DNA of the alien-looking mummy is human, HUMAN!! What does that mean?

It means what some ‘far-out’ thinkers have said for years; we as people, aka humans, are not native to the planet, that some, most, or all of us are alien to the place and we were designed, gene-spliced, or otherwise ‘made’ for this planet. This finding also lends credence to the long-skulled Egyptian rulers in ancient times were that way naturally and not from some ‘skull elongating process’ as put forth ‘by the experts’.

The alien mummy found in South America over a decade ago with the human DNA is out missing link, but it doesn’t link us to any ape. And the beings who possibly designed us aren’t coming back. They’re already here from this story.

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