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Temecula, CA – Years ago it was predicted to me that I would love living in a small town. I scoffed at this notion when I heard it but in those days I was young and dumb, and well, we don’t have to finish that. 

Living in this small town environment of T-Town has combined the best two of the three ‘besties’ around; music and friendship. In this rich valley, the Lord has blessed me with both. 

A true music scene, at least for So Cali, includes all genres especially underground ones that are popping for the hip. Since talent is not based on religion but encompasses all types, the Christian music genre called Prog Rock has strong and creative root-vines here. 

Recently sitting at a local eatery, cough, Rock N’ Jenny’s, on a Sunday I spied at the table next to mine, Charles, from the prog rock band BloodType G, last reviewed here when sponsored by a shoelace company. He was sitting with Hashemi and some others.

“We have a new CD out, just released a month ago…”

That was all I needed.

BloodType G is a band who has evolved into a group. 

In the heyday of the kickass music scene starting here, bands representing all types of genres hit the deck, all original and many standing out in talent. In the progressive rock category one of the most dedicated was the band BloodType G. Now the band has morphed into a group that delivers a bigtime sound in a fresh, out-of-the-box way, to a rhythm you can dance to. 

Using a mixture of hiphop rhyme to audibly stimulating musical texturing has produced a CD of songs worth bumping as you pump up the volume. Under the multi-layered music production is the worth of the lyrics, which in the case of the underground, are always real and passionate. 

In this case it is the voice of Ela who conveys a song’s emotional level which is just as expansive as the lyrical rationale. The music roots are deep in Ela as her brother is bass player on this album and for The Souljourners, also prog rock.

Track 6 illustrating the silk-like range of Ela’s natural voice, echoed in an overdubbed chorus accompanied by a solo piano and occasional understated violins, produces a song that is beautiful in its being delicate. The melancholy theme can bring a lump to your throat if not careful.

The last and seventh track is another reminder of the rap percussion rhyme and reason that exists between other members Hashemi, frontman, and Charles, guitar, vox. Woven in is the lilting voice of Ela with that staccato flow of vocal lyrics from Hashemi and Charles that classically ends with violins after a gnarly solo part by Charles.

This latest CD release, Seven, is the best sounding effort by the local band to date. The production, engineering, and mixing are again proof that the domain of big major studios is today matched by the independents. The listening tells you who the freshest is. The CD makes you proud these guys live here and are homegrown*

Congratulations Charles on your new nuptials from everyone at the Calendar 
(* -Yeah, had to slip one reference in or I wouldn’t be someone with a book outEd)  

And now a video from SEVEN

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