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Temecula, CA – Echoing a story posted just a few days ago, Eddy Hooper, aka ‘Fast Eddy’(below, right) called just a short while ago to voice the same objection presented in this Calendar article. Suddenly pot is the panacea to every government money ill and woe. State by state, the apparatus is organizing so the states can make fill their coffers off sick people and those who are ignorantly bliss. With governments making nothing for the marketplace but taxes to feed themselves from, and continuing to show a steady growth rate of official welfare [subsidies], the love of money is shining like a new copper penny.

99% of the bureaucrats have no experience with cannabis and can’t see past the dollar signs of the medicine. Cigarette and alcohol sales are flat so their tax rates are also but the lure of green gold has a way of showing what the Bible says about money is true. It wasn’t enough just to return the 1937 cannabis status to form again, rather cannabis has to be turned into a booming industry leaving out, once again, the little man, the small business owner, and the do-it-yourselves. Before we get to Eddy’s logical plan, let’s explore just what is driving this new-found hypocrisy of evil, because that is the root of loving money, or is God a liar?

Again 99% of the populace has no idea that pot has 142 registered patents in place to provide untold riches to those who hold the patent rights. Wait a minute, you may be saying, you can’t patent a plant, and you would be correct. So how can pot be patented? If they can build a helicopter whose rotors mimic a dragonfly’s wings, they can make artificial pot; all you need is time, say a hundred years [1913-2013, also IRS & Federal Reserve]. But wait, that still leaves two little problems, legality and consumerism.

Both issues were addressed by Jack Herer when he commented to me, “Medical marijuana is the worst thing that ever happened to pot.” – paraphrased on page 267 

Jack knew pot is a weed. It is put here for everyone, like air. Perhaps when the government starts charging Americans a tax to breathe in this country, people will start getting a clue.

With medical marijuana breaking free of the pot stigma put on by a hundred years of government disinformation [except in times of war by both Hitler and The US hemp programs], the secret of being the world’s most useful plant is shining through the government propaganda slop jar and those who are evil [redesigning Mother Nature for profit/love of money] are driving the forces for legality. To do their bidding, they put people in charge [the bureaucrats] who wouldn’t know oregano from mid-summer Colombian and have young educated do-gooder lobbyists put in custom-tailored language/laws provided to them that allow for the GMO [lab made] pot to be sold unknowingly, except for side effects. This isn’t the blind leading the blind but it might as well be for the educated do-gooders are themselves deceived by their own self-righteous educational egos.

The Eddy Hooper plan is simple (so the politicians won’t agree). For due diligence to the franchise board, put a camera over cash drawers along with those used for security and tie those in to the government, just like in a casino. A flat 10% tax on cash sales goes to the state government [a proposed split of 5% to city for education, 5% to the state for roads] and a 2% tax to the Federal Government. For those churched folks, you may recognize the 10% as the Jewish/Christian tithe percentages and the 2% as the amount from Muslims who pray for the best of this world and the next [champagne on a beer budget]. 

The states, however, seem bound and determined to tax patients and recreational smokers at a percentage much higher than alcohol products even though alcohol costs society much more in detrimental damage. The result of that strategy is not going to decrease the black market for weed. The side effects from GMO pot experimentation in Colorado, especially GMO pot mixed with pharmaceuticals are not good, and those also won’t steer anyone familiar with weed away from the underground. Like Christians who drew the fish sign in the sand a couple of thousand years ago, ‘420’ is the new black, not Jerome.

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