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Temecula, CA – Almost like the Super Bowl this year, there is an element of Divine Intervention surrounding the racial outing of Donald and Shelly Sterling (nee Tokowitz). There is also a Divine Intervention element surrounding my released first narrative pop culture personal history of me and cannabis. For me, one is the forest and the other is the trees (pun intended).

Let’s first look at the forest. From knowledge about The Simpsons, we all know that most animation shows take about six months from conception to airing on the network. So here we have a cartoon show, routinely offensive or provocative, that airs an episode themed with positive values about whites to blacks, drawing from one of the series main characters dating a black daughter of the show’s more minor black character. Were the names Donald Sterling, the LA Clippers, racism, and V. Stiviano, a person who changed her name from Perez to Stiviano because of race, not a current top story, the show’s episode would still have been very poignant. If you haven’t seen Family guy from a week ago, please review and remember, they didn’t draw this in two weeks time, as far as I know.

The show’s themes, inter-racial dating, perceived/actual racial contributions, and generational racial attitudes are paramount in what the Sterling scandal resonates. What some people are missing is the tie-in of the Sterling saga to the Family Guy episode in timing. As they say in Hollywood, timing is everything’. So what does the ‘timing’ of this indicate?

First, it shows that a certain schedule is on time. Family Guy was written and planned into the schedule (?) long before the Sterling scandal broke which indicates a fixed place on a moving point [advancing show schedule]. The breaking scandal was spontaneous, a flashpoint reaction. And this occurs at approximately on the same timeline as the Family Guy episode

Even when the episode aired a connection wasn’t spotted or the above article by Gabrielle Moss at ,  updated at would have been written with a different angle. At present many are not seeing the signs of a time approaching the planet that we have read about but don’t understand. It is a time when the ‘hocus-pocus’ of the Bible is going to cross into the grounded physical world of people all over the world, of all religions. 

Though these signs signal something at hand, it is hard to see into the approaching fog. 

When I wrote and released Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, I had no idea that I would find myself on this historic hayride of Destiny though I predicted joining in the third prophetic tie-in to what has occurred in my book’s life currently. Here is the list of twelve as it stands this day of Cinco de Mayo.

1)    Pages 308-309, one paragraph predicting existence, experimentation, and consequences of Monsanto GMO pot/cannabis.

2)    Pages 312-313, one paragraph revealing the impetus of publishing Memoirs while alive is GMO pot [patents]

3)    Last page of Memoirs and the very last paragraph, originally written as a sexual joke, predicted my joining up with the 420Nurses. Night of official release was Dec. 21, 2012, Doomsday, LA NORML Christmas meeting, also first meeting of 420Nurses and author.

4)    Page 1, in the second paragraph, the use of the word Dragnet has been shown to be the world hold of the Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadelmann, Monsanto, and George Soros.

5)    The recent MSN Money article about Big Tobacco and pot in its future specifically points to Marlboro, a reference noted on the bottom rear book cover photo.

6)    [This is a more personal one], final realization of what Jack Herer meant by his comment to me on page 267 about medical marijuana [reveal came 3/19/14].

7)    At the last time of meeting at the band studio where I recorded 99% of the audio version of Memoirs, a neighbor who was moving in was presented with a copy as welcome gift. A pre-written list of (first six) tie-ins was presented to the neighbor when he mentioned that he was divorced from a ‘crazy Irish woman that he couldn’t control’, a direct reference to the rear cover upper mid-cover text which ties directly in to the Biblical quote of Daniel proposed by me to be about America and the imminent future of the system. [3/22/14] This tie-in was witnessed by members of Strike Twelve and their friends.

 8)    In Memoirs’ Chapter 18, ‘Tis The Season Of The Witch, my ex-wife is identified to be a harbinger of change. On 3/31/14 I got a ‘like’ from that ex-wife posted to an obscure facebook site that posted a story I wrote using a dog belonging to the black tee shirted-person on the book’s cover. It was the second of two initial likes. Shortly after that book editor and my LA friend Jeff Bradford moved suddenly to Florida. He was gone by the end of April. [18 =s 1+8 or nine, the number of completion]. Upon learning my book was out the ex-wife witch replied, “Well, you finally got your pearl”, a birthstone reference]

9)    [Another personal vindication was] the secret revealing of hidden knowledge of ‘does God have a wife’ question via Chapter 20 wisdom.

10) From my LA friend’s move I gained a collection of books including a used Bible. Inside upon first reading this Bible on Good Friday, 4/18/14, I found an Asian Fortune Pouch on the page with the Parable of the Ten Virgins. This parable is dealt with in great detail starting on page 314 in Memoirs. Inside the pouch were 3 crisp new banknotes of different denominations of ‘fives’. 3 ‘fives’ indicates change. Later that night, the woman who is named as ‘Max’ [Maxine] in Memoirs called to check on me because of a Bible I had gotten her in 2000. Max is a principal character starting in Chapter 9 running to Chapter 18.

11) Met the manager of Fast Eddy’s MMJ delivery service. His name is Isaiah. The book of Isaiah is mentioned specifically twice in Memoirs. Several years ago at a scene party opening, I purchased a THC black tee shirt. The shirt was from Isaiah’s clothing company brand and is no longer offered in that design. The day finished with me bartering two books signed with the previous day’s date of 4/25/14 instead of 4/26/14. These are the only signed copies mis-dated.

12) The May 3rd Kentucky Derby. We’re just going to bullet-point this one.
1)    The 140th Kentucky Derby, #140 is the actual employee number of K-Mart employee ‘Max’.
2)    The date, ‘3’ is a number that cuts through time, magic, and religion, three central themes of Chapter 20.
3)    The Kentucky Derby is mentioned in two places in Memoirs.
4)    California Chrome won. California is where I live though I was born in Kentucky
5)    This specific Derby date is also the day of the Global Marijuana March that happens every year on the first Saturday in May, like the Derby.
6)    The GMM was started in 1999, the year I returned to Iowa to see my family and kids that I was separated from, again an event mentioned twice in Memoirs.

Perhaps, Dear Reader, you expect some explanation, prediction, or some other ‘I told you so’ since I have been accused of being preachy; the truth is, I don’t know what to make of it, except keep a record and watch the big picture like the opening story reported here. I do wish I could audibly make the old Twilight Zone sound as you read this though, hahaha.

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