Saturday, June 21, 2014



Temecula, CA – As the latest story about UFOs over T-town has shot to the top of our ratings, a few words about the trending story are called for before we move on to another awesome Afroman show, this time at the M15 concert venue this side of Corona, an exit before Dos Logos up the I15 North.

After checking with friends and some delivery services as to whether anyone else saw the UFOs over Temecula last Wednesday night between 10 and 11PM, confirmation came from almost the last place to look, my neighborhood. My closest neighbor or rather his wife was driving back from Santa Ana and told me the moon she saw “was flat, not round like moon. Never saw moon like that before” was how the Vietnamese-born woman described what she saw. Her POV would have been southeast while mine was southwest. It would seem she saw the edge view while I mostly saw the flat surface which sometimes rotated. Also another neighbor’s son and his group witnessed the UFO event. It was said that plenty of other people also saw the peculiar sight.

Meanwhile, last weekend Afroman, aka Joseph Foreman, came to town. Actually he had been here in Menifee, for two days prior, staying out at the compound of the West Coast Pop Lockers, reviewed here awhile back and appearing on the June 23 Hip-Hop Award Recognition show on cable TV.  Check local listings.

Always a pleasure to meet and greet, Afroman was in good spirits from an all day barbeque for the show. Ever a professional, Joseph didn’t let the evening’s swerve detour anyone from a great show, including a MMJ patient I met who was visiting from Detroit, Michigan. A quick ‘safety meeting’ prior to Afroman’s set just added to the superb entertainment as A moved casually and effortlessly between extended renditions that included long solos on his famed white twin-neck electric guitar.

As Afroman crooned onstage to a crowd of fans grouped around the stage front, many other fans rocked it in their seats from the viewing area just behind the ‘floor seating’ area with the standing fans. A limited supply of ‘tall boy’ Colt 45 Malt Liquor cans quickly sold out, helped mostly by the Diggs & Co. crew. This time, considering the all day BBQ that went before it, there was no after party or interview. But as we say around this area of the IE concerning a certain Palmdale Pimp, ‘Afroman Froever’. Yes, Sports Fans, the Fro was back, given his clean-shaven head look last concert here in the area.

Now with just a week to go, the birth of a new scene nite club dealie-bob is set to debut June 28 at the first tour stop of Club Cosplay, happening at M15. If you were at the Afroman show you know the place. You may not recognize the crowd however as more than a few will be in mask probably.
Since my superhero costume is still at the cleaners, the jury is out on whether we will have a gonzo style report to review, but you just never know these days. What with UFOs, our valley is really the fast sticks.

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