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Temecula, CA –  A statewide California protest at the biotechnology BIO International Convention has been called for this Thursday as worldwide resistance against the practices of the largest international chemical companies which produce genetically engineered (GMO) foods, has sparked the attention of prominent sustainability, food, environmental and water conservation groups across the Pacific. 

This peaceful ‘family friendly’ demonstration is June 26th, 2014 12:00PM-5:00PM, San Diego Convention Center 111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101.  Please take public transportation if possible and meet in front of Exhibit Hall D/San Diego Convention Center lobby on the side of Harbor Drive, picket line will run along sidewalk.

The Recent GMO Labeling SB 1381 which narrowly lost has morphed into SB1040. Senator Evans is a trooper and has really embraced being a champion for labeling.  She could not let GMO Labeling die without one more try so she gallantly eviscerated her Wine Bill SB 1040, did what's called a "Gut and Amend" and changed it into our GMO labeling bill. It will be heard in the Assembly Ag Committee on Thursday, June 26 at 10:30. Once again you are asked to call those on the committee. The list continues after the jump.

Here are the people to call, call, call about Yes on SB 1040

Susan Eggman- District 13 Stockton, Tracy   (916) 319-2013 

Kristin Olsen-  District 12  Modesto, Manteca  916-319-2012 

Brian Dahle-  District 1  NE part of the state - 916-319-2001 

Richard Pan- District 9  Sacramento- 916-319-2009 

Bill Quirk- District 20 Fremont   916-319-2020 

Rudy Salas- District 32 Bakersfield  916-319-2032 

Mariko Yamada - District 4 Napa to Davis is a co-author so thank her.    916-319-2004 

            Here is the background on the BIO International Convention demonstration. The 2014 Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) International Convention currently being held at the San Diego Convention Center has attracted the opposition of thousands of members of environmental and consumer advocacy groups in California and Hawaii including Babes Against Biotech, Ocean Defenders, March Against Monsanto, March Against Monsanto San Diego, Label GMOs San Diego and Label GMOs (California) International legendary surf group Da Hui, which defends the oceans and land in Hawaii, is connecting the San Diego and Hawaii surf communities in solidarity with the international food and sustainability movement. 

            Organizers are targeting the world’s largest industry trade group BIO and chemical companies manufacturing pesticides and producing pesticide-promoting open air genetically modified organisms (GMOs) across the globe. Corporate offenders include chemical companies Monsanto, Dow, DuPont/Pioneer, BASF, Bayer and Syngenta. These companies are responsible for genetically engineering crops to be sprayed with pesticides linked to birth defects, cancer, environmental biohazards, superfund sites and numerous health concerns. Widespread global genetic contamination of agricultural crops through pollen drift and health and environmental risks of GE associated pesticides, has led to the prohibition and rejection of GE crops in 32 countries and the labeling of GE foods in more than 62 countries.

            For those who think the killing off of the bees isn’t about the money? Well, 

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