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Temecula, CA – One of the area’s most dynamic entertainment impresarios has rubbed the magic lamp
of ideas once more in this latest inspired gathering of talent. Calling the scene Club Cosplay, this is the leading edge of costumed play that has emerged from the overflow of nerds that are into video, comic book, and movie hero/villain characters.

Back in your grandfather’s day, kids jumped off roofs with bed sheets for Superman capes and made headlines. Other kids, like me, kept our cap guns loaded until we reached the coming of age time in our lives of Toy Story’s Andy. In that bittersweet period of puberty, we are asked to forego our imagined principles of right and wrong for the Adult world of responsibility, order, and sex. Our collected toys, comics, and memories are usually given away when we are not there to guard them. That was then. Today we live in the future.

Seeing the future as the big kid he is underneath it all, Ivan of Ivan Promotions has organized the first-ever costumed nightclub venue concert party event, ever! Set in the remodeled atmosphere of the dual bar/outside patio area M15 venue just up the road from T-town, this mega event is set to be remembered as awesome as well as nerd safe. After the jump, learn all about this new trending phenomenal role-playing costumed characters for today’s hip Big Bangers. 

So, let’s see what the rules are first, as with any Ivan Promotions event.

The event host is

In this case there is a before party to get everyone in the mood before the newbies aka the general public, arrive. Also this isn’t a single theme event. There will be DJs spinning, photo shoots, collectables, a concert, dancing and nite-clubbing. 

Legends of this emerging scene will also be in attendance along with many witty, attractive, educated nerds just trying to get their groove on like the cool [perceived] kids, cause we’re all cool in someone’s eyes. This is the first stop for a traveling scene promoted via So Cali comic book shops from SD northward along the coast. Also tickets and info here.

Be there and be square, by Bazinga  

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