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Temecula, CA – It should be no news now that all our attempts to pass a ‘label GMOs’ bill through the California Senate has been stymied as if Edith Bunker was promoting it. Had we gotten the required 2 more votes and passed the Senate, then the full assembly and on into law, it would have immediately been stalled while Monsanto’s army of lawyers tied the bill up in court. They are doing this to every other jurisdiction that has passed a labeling bill. For me, that was the intent. By making this into a big bar room fight in the courts, attention to the bigger issues will be drawn from those attracted by the noise of the scuffle. 

As with the defeat of the Prop 37 effort, I walked back over the battlefield to find any errors of attack.

Unlike the Prop 37 campaign, this one was 21st century, being all electronic and requiring no physical effort beyond picking up a telephone. The only way to less effort would be a Jonathan Living Seagull manifestation. Being in the trenches in accordance with gonzo journalism, I can tell you Sports Fans, we did not lose this battle. We were sold OUT!! And that makes us winners, if we want this.

If we want this as moms, as dads, as teachers, as activists, as anyone trying to do the right thing moralistically, if that’s the case, then make the jump and let’s bring some serious whoop-ass from a can of voter blow-back. Time for Round 2, Monsanto.

The name of this game is power-over. As providers of food, we need power over our food selection as a personal choice. As public servants, the elected officials below in this story deserve to give an accounting to their public, not get an education from it. I’m not schooling people on my dime unless it’s a school tax for kids. The people below have failed their duty and the Bible makes this situation extremely clear: a person can’t serve two masters. As a voter and a Christian, my duty is to help free these persons so they can freely be employed by their master, Monsanto. The politicians below are dead to me. Let God judge them. You can’t educate a sellout. And being nice won't change that vote!


Joel Anderson (916) 651-4036)
Tom Berryhill   (916) 651-4014       R
Marty Block (San Diego) – 916/651-4039)
Anthony Cannella (916) 651-4012       R
Lou Correa (Santa Ana/OC) – 916/651-4034)
Jean Fuller (916) 651-4018       R
Ted Gaines, (916 651-4001)
Cathleen Galgiani (R), District 5, Stockton (916) 651-4005
Ed Hernandez (D-LA/West Covina)  626/430-2499)
Jerry Hill  (916 651-4013
Bob Huff (916) 651-4029)       R
Steve Knight (R-Valencia/Palmdale)  661/286-1471
Mike Morrell (916) 651-4023)
Jim Nielsen (916) 651-4004       R
Andy Vidak  (916) 651-4016)       R
Mimi Walters, Vice Chair, (916 651-4037
Mark Wyland R 916 651-4038)

Richard Roth (D-Riverside)  916/651-4031 did not vote. Time to retire this 'General' in Monsanto’s army who even skipped out on the vote.

The Calendar did a follow-up call feature to each above with the reported results. So what can the rest of us do, the ones that don’t write the news or blog?

Keep this list of politicians to be ousted this election. Hand out flyers at your church or synagogue attesting to the fact this person voted against safe food and has Monsanto affiliates for election funding [alleged] by their vote. Start a facebook campaign about the politician’s voting using a public record link. One of the ‘Nays’ lives in my district and he was my first call that Monday morning.

Stopping at Jimbo’s, San Diego’s premier natural foods grocer location in Escondido with a friend, I inquired about the cashier’s knowledge of the recent worldwide March Against Monsanto. To my surprise, she replied that she had heard about it but she wasn’t political. I suppose that is the issue. If you are political and really against Monsanto, please read on; if not, see you next protest, but know that Monsanto doesn’t just do food. By the way, the Calendar broke the story about GMO Arctic Apples already being secretly released for public consumption. Enjoy your lunch as you write that comment letter to Monsanto’s FDA

For those who are politically interested in carrying this fight to the next active Monsanto front, that is the upcoming CCHI2016, a petition initiative to ban GMO cannabis from being grown or sold in the state of California, among many other things. The core of this initiative was drafted by cannabis activist historian, author Jack Herer. The two sole marijuana-related deaths have come from a legal status arising from regulation without accreditation, possibly through GMO cannabis infused product. The United States government doesn’t have their 142 patents on natural cannabis. For the patent list, see here

In the meantime, the next education needed for you concerns genetic manipulation of the world’s most useful plant, and the dragnet of organizations funded or influenced by Monsanto who plan to make all cannabis legal, including their GMO versions, through the absence of legal language about the fake strain.

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