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Temecula, CA – After the bill to label GMOs, SB1381, died in the Senate, I had to take a couple of days off from writing or reporting the usual same-O same-O. The loss required some study plus I needed to check the GMO fight on another front. The results of that investigation will covered here soon as the next battle is outlined.

For now it’s back to covering another avenue on weed maps, or to be more precise, covering what cruises along those streets besides Riot Grrrlz. Gone are the days in Murrieta when you hook up for a pizza and a sac delivery. For the locals who have read Memoirs, the ‘pot scene’ seems to be only a small underground artistic group, but the scene mentioned in my work only illustrates a segment of a very broad market demo. Today at last count, there are 42 different delivery services available to medical marijuana patients of my area.

This news report looks at two such deliveries and what is happening with both. The first service is a local service that once was a top rated and much used rolling source for patients, probably in the days when such services were less numerous. To help bring sales back, the service recently added pre-rolled cones featuring the name of Ed Rosenthal. I got a chance to sample one.

The regulation of cannabis is also much akin to trying to control an Irish woman, but trying to ignore such is to be uppity. Rather than work with small businesses whose money stays local at gas stations and restaurants, the local city councils have chosen to disavow or be yellow-bellied, respectively, about the issue of medical marijuana. Being a reporter and not a preacher, I’ll let someone a lot smarter than me address that political issue.

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance” – Albert Einstein

Of course old Albert lived before Agenda 21/Sustainable Living programs became a municipality program sponsored by Monsanto science offspring. He did try to warn humanity because he was around 21 when Eugenics broke onto the cultural scene, offered by science. But I digress.

Ed Rosenthal, a legendary figure inside the cannabis culture since the days of Jack Herer and High Times, has a selection known as Mini Eddies, part of the Ed Rosenthal Select. “Mini but Mighty Mini Eddies are each 1/3 gram of premium, hand-ground bud selected by Ed. Then Medi-Cone enhances the bud by adding thoroughly washed water hash, naturally raising the THC content.” 

This reporter can agree with every word. The taste was good and the high on the couch lock side. In fact only a portion was smoked and that was shared. $20 Donation – 

“When you’re ready for a Little Eddie!” call – 951-719-9050, drivers are standing by, [must be current on CA MMJ recommendation].

Someplace trying to pull the keys from delivering Little Eddies or any other medical marijuana product is the Nevada State Senate, the same type of legislative branch that wouldn’t pass California’s bill to label food children, along with grownups, moms and dads, eat. For this fight against injustice toward medical marijuana patients, the top-rated delivery service of “Fast” Eddy Hooper, a former resident of San Diego, has been joined by other delivery service owners in what clearly looks to be a legislated ‘muscling out’ Chicago-style of small American tax-paying citizens in the growing marijuana industry field. 

Once again the legislative confusion comes from water-cooler dictator mindset politicians who firstly haven’t a clue about cannabis, or pot to them, and second, believe ANYONE who doesn’t look like a truck ran over them and smokes pot is a STONER. This mindset isn’t likely to change so please make your voice heard. Fast Eddy has created a website for your education here. Stay informed aka NT’s ‘be aware’

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