Monday, June 9, 2014


THE RETURN OF AFROMAN (Find Cheap Tickets at end of this story)

Temecula, CA – The old saying ‘you can’t keep a good man down’ must apply to hip hop Christian, Joseph Foreman, known to many as Afroman, the ‘Because I Got High’ man from the soundtrack of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Made famous by Howard Stern, the shock rock jock back in the days when pot was still underground and meant for stoners/ne’er-do-wells, Foreman had a more charmed road to fame than Richard Sherman. 

But fame is fickle, just ask the man who rode into town one week on palm leaves only to be strung up the following Friday. So despite being a 2002 Grammy nominee, Afroman quickly slid out of the general public eye as the goddess Success moved to the next flavor of the week via industry drama. 

Being resilient and creative, Foreman, who was not a believing Christian at this time, took his destiny into his own hands, becoming one of the first artists to utilize the new and growing use of the internet. Creatively proficient, Foreman kept the name Afroman alive in the hip hop underground through lively raps about women, wine [Colt .45 ‘tall boys’, actually], and weed, releasing a CD almost every year thereafter.

After the underground music scene had matured and spread outward, Temecula’s local impresario, Ivan Promotions, brought the talented and very personable Afroman to The Edge Lounge in Old Town Temec for a sold-out performance that thrilled the locals, including this reporter. Although stereotypical in artistic appearance as a ‘billed’ Palmdale [CA] pimp with the usual accoutrements, Afroman never became a caricature of himself like Mistah Fab’s Ghost Ride It video.

The genial performer whose initial visit post show interview can be heard here gives a better testimony of the man offstage. This same homespun stage persona is sure to please as Afroman headlines the new updated club venue, M15, in another Ivan Promotions produced event on this Saturday, June 14. At press time $15 [plus a slight carrying charge] tickets were still available.
Don’t miss the man who became famous ‘because he got high’ when doing so wasn’t a concern of Monsanto, though George Soros is a known weedhead, a known organic weedhead, and the richest one, ever!
Be there Saturday or read about what you missed on Monday, cough, cough.

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