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Malaysia's government and satellite firm Inmarsat on Tuesday before last, released the data used to determine the path of missing flight MH370, responding to calls from passengers' relatives for greater transparency. 

The data from satellite communications with the Malaysia Airlines plane, which runs to 47 pages in a report prepared by Inmarsat, features hourly "handshakes" - or network log-on confirmations - after the aircraft disappeared from civilian radar screens on March 8

Families of passengers are hoping that opening up the data to analysis by a wider range of experts can help verify the plane's last location, nearly three months after the Boeing 777 with 239 passengers and crew disappeared.

In a new analysis of available information, the Australian Transportation Safety Bureau said the final "handshake" was "consistent with the satellite communication equipment on the aircraft powering up following a power interruption," adding: "The interruption in electrical supply may have been caused by fuel exhaustion." 

It added that calculations based on the amount of fuel on board were consistent with the jet running out of fuel at the point where the final "handshake" occurred.

An international investigation team, led by Malaysia, has concluded that the jet flew south after it was last spotted on Malaysian military radar and ended up in the southern Indian Ocean off western Australia. Malaysian investigators suspect someone shut off MH370's data links making the plane impossible to track.

This conclusion is based on calculations derived largely from the satellite communication data. Release of that data had become a rallying cry for many of the families, who have accused the Malaysian government of holding back information. 

"When we first asked for the data it was more than two months ago. I never dreamed it would be such an obstacle to overcome," Sarah Bajc, the American partner of passenger Phillip Wood, told Reuters from Beijing. As the only American staying aligned with other Chinese relatives who also suspect some type of cover-up, Ms. Bajc has been assigned an FBI agent for protection after threats and two apartment break-ins.

In the hours after the aircraft disappeared, an Inmarsat satellite picked up a handful of handshake "pings", indicating the plane continued flying for hours after leaving radar. The dense technical data released on Tuesday details satellite communications from before MH370's take-off on a Saturday morning at 12:41 a.m. local time to a final, "partial handshake" transmitted by the plane at 8:19 a.m. The data includes a final transmission from the plane 8 seconds later, after which there was no further response. 

The data also featured two "telephony calls" initiated from the ground at 4.39 a.m. and 7.13 a.m. that went unanswered by the plane. 

Bajc said experts on flight tracking, who have been advising the families, would now be able to analyze the data to see if the search area could be refined and determine if Inmarsat and other officials had missed anything.

But she complained that Tuesday's report was missing data that had been removed to ‘improve readability’, as well as comparable records from previous flights on MH370's route that the families had requested

"Why couldn't they have submitted that?" she said. "It only makes sense if they are hiding something." 

Malaysian officials were not immediately available to answer questions on the data. 

Since early in the jet’s disappearance the Temecula Calendar reported a story that MH370 had landed safely with its intended cargo, Philip Wood (Sarah Bajc’s partner) and his twenty Muslim geek Freescale Semiconductor technicians, plus the helpers who enabled this hijacking to take place, in a place called Osh International. This entire operation was finalized during the Winter Olympics with Putin’s OK following a year’s earful of Snowden. 

After the jet’s landing and cessation of the remaining outer body satellite ‘pinger’, the ‘cargo’ was then flown just inside the Iranian border to be transported into the country’s interior undetected. The people remaining, already deceased from in-flight altitude maneuvering were then disappeared and the plane went to China, to be taken apart and analyzed, especially for the unique Boeing hardware unavailable through normal commercial avenues. A week later the private jet plane transporting perhaps the person who first alerted the Iranians to the special 'cargo' was seen in Tehran. There was no follow-up on that lead.

With the obvious removal of data that could have refuted or substantiated the Calendar story, the Calendar stands by the foreign scoop and map that shows MH370 flew north to Osh International

This information was based on a phone call made from the jet’s cockpit to one of the co-pilot’s group of friends for his fiancée, a fellow pilot for the airlines, and before the first calls listed in this report to the plane from the ground in response. By then the young co-pilot, who risked it all to make one last call for love, had his very own set of wings.

Parts of this report based on MSNBC report and all Temecula Calendar MH370 news reports.

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