Saturday, June 28, 2014



Temecula, CA – The Occupy Movement and the time I spent involved opened me up to a new level in life and activism. Obtaining my medical marijuana rec came from that experience as well as the publication of my book Memoirs, but more central than those accomplishments was that I became aware of the their importance for my personal movement growth. For this I credit all the wonderful and unique people I met in camp at the foot of the Daily Planet Building, LA’s City Hall.

Two of the people that impressed me most with genuine intelligence, integrity, and warm friendship under the blanket of ancient trees which completely blocked the LA skyline, were Jeanette Perez and Patrick Moore, a duo well suited to sit at any council table. Recently I ran back into them at a members-only cannabis social club called The Tree House, closed now but in the process of moving closer to downtown.  

So in keeping up with the growing demand of knowledge for the world’s most useful plant, the Temecula Calendar is proud to welcome onboard the male side of cannabis, brought to us from our Professor Hemp, Patrick Moore, who in conjunction with the Calendar’s herbologist ChaCha Va Voom representing the Mary Jane side, will fill us in on the business side of cannabis through his innovative series, HempOvations

The first episode appears after the jump.

And now Professor Hemp and how maybe one day here in the valley you may able to get a house with more than just 'solar' sustainability.

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