Monday, June 23, 2014



Temecula, CA – Living in the United States of Amnesia, it wasn’t surprising that the media trotted
some other news story to take people’s minds off the still polluting Japanese nuclear power plant complex, Fukushima, years ago.

In this report video filed not long ago, the narrator takes us back to the events which happened, what we were told, how they lied to us, and what, if any progress, is being made. This ‘wormwood’ drama is forecasted in Revelation which states what will happen and is happening.

Though the video is disturbing or would be if this were the only disaster potentially threatening humankind, it is only one of probably ten event horizons that can doom us beyond our own country’s egotism. Whatever is coming, we don’t have to wait long, that part of history is behind us.

And now, we check in on Japan’s Fukushima and the sheep being radiated to a slow death there under an authoritarian culture. Somewhere, whales are going ‘Booyah!!

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