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Temecula, CA – After having followed the latest GMO bill event from start to final resolution, and death due to a two-vote deficit, the Calendar decided to provide some closure for the moms, the kids, the activists, and all the other concerned parties who are wondering, what happened?

Along this fleeting glance at the system of state law, a lingering question left over from the Prop 37 campaign got answered in a way that some of the female cause leaders may find some validation in. 

This morning between 9AM and 11o’clock, the brunch hour, eighteen senate offices were called with a simple request. 

“Following the vote on SB1381, the grassroots GMO labeling bill, the Temecula Calendar would like a statement on why the senator voted against the bill.”

The results and the validation, after the jump.

Of the 18 public elected offices called, here’s the skinny then the fluff.

Senator Bob Huff’s Communications Director, a familiar position among the senate staffs, gave the answer to why most of the other offices gave off a ‘deer in the headlights’ vibe when called.

“You’re the first reporter to ask for a statement [of accountability]. We have been approached by no other media sources,” said Bill Bert, giving credence to the plutocratic reach of Monsanto to maintain a media blackout concerning anything negative toward their products’ image. That was to be expected, and as Mr. Bert moved further into the actual political landscape of the state capital, I had to admit that covering the war from the battlefield yields a jaded generalization; corporate intimidation or corruption resulting in the failed bill outcome. That wasn’t the case as sometimes mud-covered lens are as distorted as rose-colored ones.

“I have not talked to the senator [Bob Huff] directly about [SB1381] but we got a lot of calls on this bill.”

“For or against?”

“About 50-50. Although a lot of people [activists] want to say this is corporate pressure, a lot of farm bureaus have called with 'no' votes. These aren’t corporations. A lot of organizations also called in, like Californians Against Lawsuit Abuse and there was the Republican message [pamphlet/memo] stating implementation costs [against strained budgets]. When you see that much [bill turbulence] it means that no consensus has been reached [to remove the opposition opinion].”

It was at this point a scene that occurred in the first days after the narrow defeat of Prop 37 flashed back into my memory. I was sitting around a large table at a café listening as different groups or people lamented about losing the close vote. It was then that gender bias of the male led organizations against the female headed groups came out in discussions about parting shots communicated when the national organizations packed up and headed back east. The moms were chided for not delivering a victory at the polls.

Looking at the dynamics now as then, it wasn’t the moms that didn’t deliver because the citified areas and populations voted for the prop. This time with call-ins the results were the same. Delegates in more urban areas [19] were in favor while the more rural, farm belt areas were nays showing that demo was not pierced by the male anti-GMO organizations. Everyone knows the only women a farmer listens to are his mom and his wife. Anything else is man-to-man, not mom-to-man.

At present, all 18 have until close of business on Friday to file a statement. The results of this accountability finale are set for Monday after evaluation and touch backs from the people elected to serve the public. Now the fluff.

Nicest help over the phone – Hanna ‘Nomontana’ with Sen. Morrell 

Hip to the dip – Chris, who knew of this entertainer, is Sen. Knight’s nice phone person.

Sweetest phone voice – Allison, Sen. Correa

And the Mrs Krabappel Award goes to …

Sorry, gotta save something for the sequel, Rocky.

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