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Temecula, CA – The premise was simple. As an online publication, a small citizen news blog with a readership of 40K a month [according to the owner/publisher], a simple question was asked.

“A grassroots bill to label GMOs, SB1381, came up for a vote and the senator voted against the bill. We’d like an official statement.”

As a representative of this great country’s citizenship, where everyone is professed to be equal, and as a registered voter, the reason given for the inquiry was that this grassroots bill venture started by moms, was it was covered as a story from the beginning. Indeed it was.

Now the results are in, but solve this old riddle and you don’t have to make the jump.

“What do alcoholics, perverts, and politicians all have in common?”

Asked and given were official email addresses, website creds, direct line numbers, and even upon request, a brief description that the Temecula Calender is American Vice with a Life Magazine attitude, in other words, more LA than Riverside County in slant.

Before we get to the end results let’s understand what is being said by these publicly elected officials who live off the public tax dole. The Temecula Calendar isn’t some selfie on YouTube promoting a tinfoil hat theory. We've covered music events, mysteries, corruption, politics, hard news, and emerging trends. We also cover religion and put an eschatology spin believing this to be the fabled Biblical time period, except being avant garde So Cali style, we see this more in a last daze time reference. As a news source we have been quoted by CNN. This is our 11th year in publication. The set-up:

A reporter calls from a news source and asks for a statement of record from an elected official. The inquiry was prompted by use of a different voting means other than at the polls where it has been shown at various times and in various places around the globe, to be manipulated or ‘stolen’. This was different. This was voting by phone and by various and sundry grassroots [‘underground’ to me and where I track real news as a Lois Lane with a penis (LLWAP)] organizations. It was secretly dubbed GMO ‘Rising Star’.

The group contacted, one of which was my district Senator who sent me such a nice gold embossed reply from my phone call that I flashed back to prom without any acid, seemed so receptive. More importantly many of these senators are Republicans, so as swore enemies of the Democrats and in particular, the half-black president Barack Obama, I wondered about them siding with Monsanto’s Michael Taylor, Obama’s hand-pick for the FDA. You would think that if you oppose someone vehemently across the board for whatever reasons, then you would oppose his picks’ programs, something certainly not unheard of in DC. Look at Holder.

Still being the kid who used to hang his cap guns up on the bed post every night after ‘killing indians’, this Cherokee mutt believed a reply would come after contacting each camp’s receptionist, then Communication Director either in person or by voice mail leaving the requested information and deadline. So here is how the results stood as of close of business today.

Without further ado – 21 calls, NO call backs, NO emails, No statements, not even a ‘fuck you’. There were NO ‘no comments’ either. The Mrs. Krabappel Award goes to - Jan Tabor, the Nixionish 

secretary style Press Person to Senator Vidak. Image above is reporter's rendition only.

What this means is, all you moms, your kids, your activists friends, even your voter friends, none of you count; not your vote, not your voice, not your protests, and most importantly, not your education. 

So 'what DO alcoholics, perverts, and politicians all have in common?' Accountability issues! 

You see Sports Fans, it isn’t just Monsanto or Dow or Bayer. It is ‘sustainable living’ and you are not part of that living, plain and simple. This is eugenics, a plan for the future fostered by the Mormon Church and the Mitt Romney imagined reality.

See – Ruling By Illusion, coming soon

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  1. Hey, I think State Senator Joel Anderson should have been mentioned by name in the body of the article. Also, how about a final tally of who voted and how? Letitia Pepper