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Temecula, CA – Last Wednesday night this reporter along with an unknown number of valley inhabitants witnessed one or two strange lights in the sky over the central portion of Temecula. The story has quickly hit No.1 in our Top Ten ratings. The Facebook issue has over a thousand views. For several nights after I combed the skies around the same time, 10-11PM, but saw nothing. Like most of my strange adventures, I thought it was a one-time occurrence. I was wrong!!

Coming home from an excellent Wednesday night show at The Edge which featured Keenwild (publisher Bill Gould and wife Jenny) and Black Hat Patsy, a new 6-piece cover band that includes old friends Phil Locash (Java Joz/Cuppy’s) on sax [say what!] and Tim (Spaceman Jack) on bass. It was a good night and besides the show, uneventful, until I got home around 10:30PM. 

Walking in and starting to settle in from the night, I noticed bright lights again coming from the same direction through the trees. This time however, it wasn’t a single UFO or even a momentary brief second UFO. Upon first notice this time were two triangles each formed by a corner light. Later in the flap moment the lights/UFOs in the designs flattened out becoming the pattern you see above in the picture. And this time I wasn’t alone in seeing T-town’s UFOs. 

Also remember, these are NOT flying saucers, they are unidentified flying objects. Hopefully someone can identify them. And this just in from the buzz this latest flap has started on Facebook about last Wednesday’s sighting.

Last Wed at dusk I saw 1 large "fireball" It was twilight so the mountain ridge was clearly defined and the fireball was hovering above slowly descending but not moving left nor right. When it dropped below the ridge I could see wiggly contrails. About 5 minutes later 3 fighter jets in formation flew right over my house possibly from March AFB on a heading right towards where I saw the ball of light. We never have jet flyovers.” – Jeff VanDam

Here too are the latest crappy cell phone pictures taken by moi.

How the lights started out when first sighted until more joined as seen in preceding pictures
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