Thursday, June 19, 2014



Temecula, CA – At approximately 9:30 to 9:45PM, a bright orange-ish glowing light was observed through the tree directly west of my bedroom window. Turning off my room light to get a better look, I could see what seemed a pinpoint of bright orange light dancing around like a laser pointer on a chart. Holy Moley, I said to myself. 

The UFO is the top center bright light, picture taken by this reporter, 6-18-14, French valley, looking south to hills
Walking out in the back yard I could see the object as a bright light that just hung there in the sky over Temecula at what seemed about 1500-2000 feet from the ground. The height estimate comes from the hill I live on and the height above my plane of view. With the naked eye, the light glowed like a fire but wasn’t flame-like in texture. There was no movement in the light as you get in a flame. No heat, noise, or movement was seen. At times a second light/object would ‘pop’ into view/existence and sort of move closer to the first one but they never joined. One did move to the same place in the sky as the other light dimmed and went out, replacing the first light/object’s location.

My actual observation of the object/objects ran from 10PM to around 11PM, then I went back inside to the warmth of my bedroom. The object was there when I went to bed and I could not tell whether anyone else was witnessing what I saw in the sky. At around 10:30 I went for my binoculars for a closer view. I sent out a tweet but all my peeps were nested, like the hummingbirds who are now my little friends.

Through the binoculars I was able to see an outline to the object but that didn’t help much. What I saw looked like a bowling pin in shape outlined in bright spotlight ‘pots’ or ‘cans’. These outer pots of intense light varied in intensity to each other and in concert. The inner area glowed a flame orange but was paler like seeing a brightly lit room through a silk door-to-ceiling curtain. Though the design shape was that of a bowling pin, I could not tell if this shape was flat, like 2-dimensional or was 3-dimensional in depth. There did seem to be sometimes an axis rotation but when you are staring into a black sky with handheld, non-tripod supported binocs, it’s hard to fathom something that you have never seen before.

There were times during the hour period when one or both objects were gone from view, or gone period, so me getting my phone for a picture was last on my to do list. A night shot even with a good camera is iffy when you see the finished shot. I did get off three shots but never when there were two objects. 

I am at a loss for words, except to ask all my friends and people who might have been awake, if anyone saw anything? And I will be looking to the skies tonight in the same general direction, along the flight path of the small airplanes that take off south from French Valley but before you get to the mall area. Trust me, if it is there again, you will know it.

UFO, still top center bright light, has dimmed in intensity


  1. It was around almost 12:00AM, when I was with my mom dropping off my sister at home from work when, as we were sitting in the parking lot of her apartments talking, there were the two bright orangey dots right next to each other that came hovering towards us in the sky, both at the same speed.
    Just as we started to freak out a little and wondering what they were, as there was no sound or anything... One started drifting in another direction behind a hill as to where it was not visible to us, and the one advanced a bit more, stopped and hovered for a bit, then dimmed and disappeared. We were SO confused! But glad now that we weren't the only ones who saw them!
    I really wonder what they were...

  2. Last night at about 11:00pm, I saw several of the same things you described. There were about 8 or so to the west. I saw them from Butterfield stage rd at Temecula pkw near Big Horse feed. They looked as though they were over the hills, west of the 15 fwy. They stayed fairly stationary in place, with alittle movement until some of them disappeared and others dropped behind the hills. I tried to take photos, but all I got was a faint orange glow. My daughter saw 2 of them several nights ago. Bright orange and pulsating. They faded in and out of sight for about 20 mins at about 11pm also. Does anybody have any idea what these things are?