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Temecula, CA – Like Marvel’s Professor X, Ivan of Ivan Promotions has created a mutant scene by 
injecting his brand of showmanship into the nerd gene nucleus of costumed role playing. For the last six months germinating it as if from Dexter’s Laboratory, Ivan watered the seed of a club scene happening for nerds only, nerd-safe with no Homers allowed, at comic cons, comic shops, and on Face Book.

Kicked off in grand style with Kick Ass in person, the first-ever club event for nerds-in-costume ignited a nerve not noticed until Ivan attended a Stan Lee signing at mega toy swap meet, Frank & Sons, on the request of Dave (The Maxies/The Vault). 

“Great Caesar’s Ghost! 5000 people on a Saturday Morning?” Ivan is rumored to have said.

Carpe Diem[ing], ‘Club Cosplay’ was legitimately born on June 28th at M15, the venue that hosted Afroman recently, a day before I turned my favorite number. This reporter was in the mix as I morphed into nerd for a night. After the jump find the date/location for the next Club Cosplay.
This scene below is just one of many that will help pack out the next Club Cosplay already booked in place. That info revealed at the end of this story, comic book style.

Combining the magic of comic books, movies, and music would be a tall order for anyone other than a Shazam, Jr. This extravaganza had it all; DJs spinning bouncing EDM, amateur and pro level costume contests with cash prizes, vendor and photo booths, Special Guests, official judges, Songhammer, the live music action band for the cosplay scene with their heavy metal thunder, and separate all-ages time zones (7-10PM) /18-21+(till 2AM, drink wristbands). The above club scene photo was shot at 11:42 PM.

They came from everywhere to inaugurate this new club scene, including from the future,

And from cartoons, of course.

Some of us saw Elvis, Jedi Elvis, that is, with his Mic Saber.

But there weren't no ghosts here. Ivan saw to it.

MC Bernie Bregman (Rocky Horror Picture Show, Picture-In-Picture Show, The Geekie Awards, Supervillain Speed), co-hosted with LeeAnna Vamp, who can be seen expressing the pre-Club Cosplay nerd angst in this music video link featuring T-town’s own Strike Twelve covering No Rain.

Co-Hosts LeeAnna, far left, with Bernie Bregman, far right 

As for me, the valley’s reigning wizard, it was 

For a spliff, as my birthday dawned, though I could materialize for the NEXT Club Cosplay event, August 16th, M15, again a Saturday via the Tardis from my Doctor’s Nurses.

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