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Temecula, CA – The cover of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green shows two people holding a bong, giving a thumbs up, in opposite contrast tee shirts with no text on either shirt. Closer inspection shows one pair of the sun shades is faked. Most people pay little attention to that detail and hardly ever tie the picture in with the book’s sub-title, ‘The Autobiography of My Alter Ego’. Yesterday we both went to the public hearing concerning an ‘emergency ban’ on outdoor medical marijuana grows across Riverside County.

The County of Riverside Transportation & Land Management Agency (TLMA) is the umbrella agency for six county departments. They are the Planning Department, Building & Safety Department, Transportation Department, Code Enforcement Department, Environmental Programs Department* and the Administrative Services Department. In total, TLMA employs more than 600 dedicated public servants who strive to meet the needs of the residents of Riverside County. – Website info

Also keep in mind that nowhere is ‘agency’ or administrative law allowed in the US Constitution. On a county level when you have 600 hungry mouths to feed with full insurance benefits, you need more than a church bake sale, especially when one of your listed addresses shows either a private residence or a street corner. So you need to always generate income. To do that the government makes rules to strip the little man of his wealth. That mindset was started in this country by Prescott Bush and his plan for the government to outlaw private ownership of gold worked. Lately with the bookends of Bush-Obama, the country has chained students, the future hope for this country, to financial indenture; the general population to the service sector, and threatened seniors, the poorest, with accusations social security is an ‘entitlement’. All, while the Dow tops 17,000! Wowser!

So what’s next for our elected monarchy? Pimping smart sick people, of course, for Mary Jane, because after Colorado, everybody wants some. 

For our local career politicians, the playbook is simple. First comes the problem, then the solution, but hey, it worked for 911: 

"We have an explosion of grow yards in the First District, and they're not small insofar as the numbers of plants go," said Supervisor Kevin Jeffries. "My goal is to go after the large commercial growers. The fines need to be high enough to justify code enforcement officers and sheriff's deputies going after them."

Let’s example that seemingly innocuous statement, something any patriotic Christian could vote for. Having lettered in debate, the structure of argument and worked in advertising, we see the hyperbole used to gain attention ‘explosion’ and we find where the problem is, in the first district, Jeffries’ District. We then see an expert declaration made to be taken as fact with no evidence given, in terms of ‘grows’ and number, not size. When you ride pass a Moon’s Nursery, do you say ‘Wow, look at the size of that place’ or do you say, ‘Wow, they have 300 spruce, 400 maple, 100 cacti, 200 queen palms, etc’? 

Next comes a personal plug because to move up the political food chain, you have to land a program that brings money into the nest, ‘My Goal’. After which comes the assurance that only those big guys, not the small innocent growers, will be harmed/targeted, and finally bringing in justification and who you are taking care of, your own

Let’s see the airholes of this argument for avarice. 

1.    When does a problem in the first district warren a solution for the whole county? Is the whole county at risk? If you indeed know of such large grows, why aren’t you signaling the authorities?

2.    With this tough talk about ‘cartels’ and insinuating that illegal migrants are behind such activity while admitting you have no evidence or proof for such belief, the actual chart for present fines versus the future fine schedule shows exactly the opposite in structure. Reduced from $100 for growing what was allowed under Prop 215 to $10 plus officer fee/time, the code enforcement operation becomes a traffic ticket. However, over 20 plants the fine jumps to $1000. Obviously a major grow in my expert knowledge is different from Super Jeffries' opinion. Below is a picture of what I consider a large commercial grow, for edification.

3.    Having a professional pharmacist in charge/in cahoots with anything marijuana is akin to having a deposed priest run your elementary school all-boys choir. Some people would agree if the espoused credentials sounded correct but most would find such an arrangement distasteful. In such a light we have an oxymoronic Stone, a career politician who recently lost in the primary because of publicized living fat, getting fined for ethics, and nepotism.

4.    After having acknowledged millions spent by the county in a lost cause, over and over again, it was stated that ‘regulation’ or control was what was needed in the case of medicinal marijuana grows, not ‘illegal’ recreational grows. Yet nowhere on the county’s website does it mention any expertise in medical knowledge or medical authorization. The supervisors, who all have excellent paid full coverage insurance [no Obamacare for these guys on your dime], consider themselves experts at deciding who gets how much weed not because of experience, but because they beat out some loser who ran against them.

The past proven ineptitude shown by the Autumnwood debacle* uncovered by this online publication and the arrogant stance in state office to disregard accountability to the people shows blasphemy toward God by saying you know better, both in food and usurping God’s intended gift. So what do you do with people such as that? Nothing, except point it out. This is free will in the Garden and the Bible states that many will be deceived by having a veil over their eyes [to the truth]. But it still begs two questions.

The first would be, of course, why does God foster this? But perhaps the more important question is, why are some people allowed to see with no veil of deception? A prudent person, especially one entrusted with responsibility and leadership, might do wise to reason that we are past the days of biting the hand that feeds you; what with the last Pope and the first blood moon of the tetrad called the grass moon, and think instead about a green hedge of protection. The Bible specifically implies that God wasn’t talking to himself when he said, “Let us…”

[Commercial] ‘The ‘Us’ can be found here for those with eyes to see and hearts open to a fun romp through time’

For the PC version of yesterday’s event, read here. The next public hearing will be September 23, pushed back from September 9 because of the heartfelt opposition which showed how uninformed the county supervisor mindset is toward all things cannabis. Sports Fans, they really have no clue.

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