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Temecula, CA – Long a fixture in Temecula, the elbow joint at the bend of the L-shaped strip mall just past the Via Montezuma ‘T’ intersection looking toward Old Town on Jefferson has housed several hangout joints and venues, starting with the Q-Club and recently House Bar and Grill. However the latest version being blown out by my compadre Ivan Promotions is the Uptown Tavern. Recently I visited there. Here is my report.

The newly completely renovated layout which debuted in May features an arcade area with old school video titles from the 80s and 90s, PLUS two pinball machines. This area has its own mezzanine complete with tables and a lounge pit which is raised above the floor. At the end of this area is the stage abutting the corner. The floor area houses four league ready pool tables for viewing from the mezzanine and more café tables beyond with a center walk through out to the rear lot and smoking patio, also renovated.

Against the north wall at the top of the mezzanine area runs the bar with ample flat screens for viewing events. Their neighbors are the many classic bottles of various and sundry alcohol spirits looking very spiffy. Beneath this elegant splendor flashing winning smiles with ample room to maneuver stand ready to serve bartenders, who form a staff prettier than many, earthier than most, and as unique as any in T-town. BTW, this bar carries Black Market’s Hefeweizen and Rye. This leaves just the food area and bathrooms, after the break.

Settling into my comfortable mezzanine seat on the end of one couch I ordered the Stuffed Spicy hamburger cooked medium, a choice I was complimented on by my platinum-haired server. I felt at home in the atmosphere, and why shouldn’t I? I’ve been in the same spot off and on over the years since we all smoked behind the Brunswick Lanes over on Cal Oaks, before I wrote about music. In all my time there, this was the best hamburger I had ever tasted made there. Though the size could have been bigger, the deliciousness more than made up the difference. Were it not bad manners, I would have licked the plate.

But the old bugaboo tied to the location in all its various phoenixes were the toilets there. Though the female can may not have been horrible, the men’s can though big, was a dump and many’s the time I stepped out back to do more than sneak a bowl [prior to my Medi Rec days]. After I had rented that Hefe long enough, I ambled over to the can and to my surprise, I thought I was someplace else. Rather than go through a door, you enter a slightly enclosed area with 3 doors. Yeah it sounds like a fable but each door is clearly marked, Men, Women, Employees closet. Inside the bathroom area was a space worthy of the rest of the Uptown Tavern, both in design and in cleanliness. I started to wish I had rented two Hefes.

The start of the weekly entertainment menu, Comedy Night, kicked off to a light but enthusiastic house crowd hosted by Ace’s Comedy Club out of Murrieta. Thursday nights are karaoke and this Friday was a Dio tribute band with tonight being a Cheap Trick copy. These are two acts I saw back in the day live so my next return is slated for the local reggae band from the scene, Indica Roots, Sunday, noon to 5 PM. Really good hamburger, Mon.    

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