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Temecula, CA – This news report will wrap up the two stories that began here about the same time, though only one was covered much outside of this news site as news. Both stories covered aliens but the lamestream press took the story about the dumping of refugees here like a bag of kittens to rush judgment against the independent taxpayers who live here. Ignored was the story about the numerous sightings by local residents, including yours truly, who witnessed strange incredible glowing lights [UFOs by definition]. Both stories were about migrants coming to the area unannounced. Now it seems, both groups have returned to sender.

Today the busloads of migrants have returned back to the state of Texas from whence they came. However the sting from the hatchet job the press did on the people here, both those for and against, continues to reverberate. Gradually the absurdity of the situation will reason out the milked and manipulated misplaced sentimentality generated from the media makeover concerning Murrieta, but truthfully folks, ‘Welcome to the Club’ of purloined public image. This is what happened to those involved in Occupy across the nation, smeared in the press. To all my friends and neighbors here in Murrieta, now you know how it f$^%%&g feels. It leaves you a little butt hurt.

On the story of UFOs, like the flight of MH370, the Temecula Calendar takes the lid of secrecy off. We show where they come from [closer than you’d think], where they go to [farther than you’d imagine], how long they’ve been here [longer than dirt], and who saw them [more yokels than locals].

So buckle up Buck Rodgers; strap in Uhura. Set our course, Chewy. We’re about to punch it! 

Though long a field of wonder, nothing compares to actually seeing an unidentified flying object or UFO. Unlike a crop circle which I also saw while living in Iowa, walking the field myself, UFOs provide a kinetic source of wonder. Upon our local sightings of 6/18 and 6/25 respectively, here are videos shot those same nights in much better clarity.

There have been ‘rashes’ of sightings in times past. In this link compiled by NBC, you can see in pictures and PC captions ‘unexplained phenomena’ or UFOs observed previously.
My grandmother reported that she and two other girls had seen a UFO outside of the small Kentucky town where she lived. The adults poo-pooed what the kids said and labeled their sighting as ‘swamp gas’. Considering it was the same type of UFO, a light rather than a metallic craft that she saw, these types of UFOs have been around for quite awhile. The following is a video shows how and why we got Never A Straight Answer on the subject of ‘alien’ spacecraft and visitors.

Next up we hear from and see the original Ghost Buster, Dan Aykroyd, himself a UFO buff who shows his formation for belief is common for those of his generation, myself included being born during the end of WWII. (Ed Note: this is a long but interesting interview done in 2004 so you may want to watch it later when you chill, or are discussing this topic with others)

Now we settle the last question, where do they come from and where are they now?

To wrap things up, we leave you with this. We are not alone and if we think we are, then we alone think that in the universe. Despite descriptions in the Bible and this verse which speaks volumes when translated from your Strong’s Concordance [Jude 6], governments, talking heads, and the Smithsonian tell us the contrary. As stated, the knowledge of ETs or ‘fallen angels’ both as a reality adds another layer to our collective conscience and will have an impact on our society worldwide. Those in power always resist change. This time as religion, magic, evil, and passion rises to a boil, it’s time to realize that ‘they are here’ and have always been. The real question is, why are so many seeing these UFOs now?

Even in quiet places like Murrieta you have to wonder why we received two migrant invasions almost simultaneously, though now it seems both have been rebuffed. This is a strange and wonderful valley. Speaking of which, a local new adult comic book is being produced with the help of a Denver comic book writer who was once a Menifee resident. Don’t miss, ‘Strange Valley Friends Inspire Adventure Series’, Coming Soon here.

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