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Temecula, CA - While The Last Poets and This Is Madness pre-dated the beginnings of hip hop, Gil Scott-Heron's 1974 album The Revolution Will Not Be Televised was released as the art form took its first breaths of South Bronx air. Primarily a jazz album, Revolution's claim to the hip hop pantheon was anchored in a title track that found Scott-Heron delivering verse over a hypnotic, funk-indebted bassline—an approach that was so distinct at that point as to warrant classic status. —William J. Cobb

I heard all three vinyl LPs when they dropped. They launched a new genre because of the truth they 
told, the future they predicted, and the music style
Purchased locally 7/12/14
they delivered the message in. What people missed or lost as the rhythm got commercialized after the true visionaries were taken was the true aspect to this music genre, prediction of things to come. At a time when I was barely into the magic forest of my life, I knew hearing these works there was real meat on these bones, for those whose mouths watered for the truth to perceived reality.

Exposing the truth in perceived reality is what the recent TemCal political science experiment did. Pushing for accountability was the object to Operation GMO Rising Star. However the degree of unaccountability coupled with the general disregard routinely expressed by Congress no matter the rating, seems to point to a disturbing conclusion – Gil Scott-Heron predicted correctly, the revolution that took away the citizen’s sovereignty wasn’t televised. Proof the government has a US versus ‘them’ mindset comes from the following story lifted from HuffPost and the photo of Heinz at the right. You are a subject, a test subject but not every brand name is part. This new reality is TemCal’s exclusive scoop.

It is no secret that TemCal follows the label GMO fight through knowing many of the inside leaders. All of these people are honorable; meaning they believe Monsanto is evil but that ‘the people’ united can right the swaying ship of the government. They believe that those in government listen to the will of the people; it’s just that not enough people make a noise. Those are the reasons for CREDO and CHANGE.ORG, but that’s playing politics inside the lines. This is the story that blew assumption to hell. Please keep the above picture in mind as you read the HuffPost report and realize that although the GMA companies are again ready to marketing a product that the Federal government is still making a law for, not all brand names have a Monsanto/Federal Government mindset. 

“WASHINGTON -- It's pretty rare that members of Congress and all the witnesses they've called will declare out loud that Americans are just too ignorant to be given a piece of information, but that was a key conclusion of a session of the House Agriculture Committee this past week.

The issue was genetically modified organisms, or GMOs as they're often known in the food industry. And members of the subcommittee on Horticulture, Research, Biotechnology, and Foreign Agriculture, as well as their four experts, agreed that the genetic engineering of food crops has been a thorough success responsible for feeding the hungry, improving nutrition and reducing the use of pesticides.

People who oppose GMOs or want them labeled so that consumers can know what they're eating are alarmists who thrive on fear and ignorance, the panel agreed. Labeling GMO foods would only stoke those fears, and harm a beneficial thing, so it should not be allowed, the lawmakers and witnesses agreed.

"I really worry that labeling does more harm than good, that it leads too many people away from it and it diminishes the market for GMOs that are the solution to a lot of the problems we face," said David Just, a professor at Cornell University and co-director of the Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Programs.

Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) agreed with Just and asked him, "What is the biggest drawback? Is it the ignorance of what the product is, just from a lack of education?"

"It is ignorance of the product, and it's a general skepticism of anything they eat that is too processed or treated in some way that they don't quite understand," Just said.

"Even using long scientific-sounding words make it sound like it's been grown in a test tube, and people get scared of it," Just added.

Rep. Kurt Schrader (D-Ore.) agreed with another witness, Calestous Juma, an international development professor at Harvard's Kennedy School, that political leaders had been cowed by misinformed populaces into bending on GMOs, especially in the European Union, where Juma said hundreds of millions of euros have been spent on studies that have found GMOs safe.

"It's obvious that while the science in the EU in incontrovertible about the health and safety benefits of genetically modified hybrid crops, that because of politics, people are afraid to lead, and inform consumers," Schrader said.

Juma cited an extensive report by the European Commission. (There is at least one controversial group that disagrees with him.)

Certainly, there is misinformation about GMOs, as highlighted in a New York Times feature on a Hawaiian ban of most GMOs. But entirely missing from the hearing was any suggestion that there are real concerns about the impact of genetically engineered food, such as the growth of pesticide-resistant "super weeds," over-reliance on single-crop factory farming, decreased biodiversity, and a lack of a consistent approval process. (Read more pros and cons here.)
The issue may soon gain fresh relevance on Capitol Hill, where a measure backed by Reps. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.) and G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) to stop states from requiring GMO labeling could get marked up as early as September. The bill also would allow genetically engineered food to be labeled "100 percent natural."

The idea of the bill brought Ben and Jerry's co-founder Jerry Greenfield to Capitol Hill last Thursday to push back, along with Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.), who backs labeling.

Greenfield told HuffPost that labeling is a simple, inexpensive matter of letting people know what's in their food, and letting them decide what they want to support and eat.

"This idea that consumers will be scared away -- the label will be a very simple thing, a few words on a container saying something like 'may be produced with genetic engineering.' It's not scary," Greenfield said. 

Watch the video in story link credits to see experts and members of Congress conclude Americans should be denied GMO labels because they are too ignorant, as well as Greenfield's reaction.

[Analysis – For those involved in marches, in protests, with sick kids made well, or those who believe the facts and know the above are all lies, now trying hard to keep their organic lunch down, this isn’t to say give up, or even get depressed. This article is printed so you will know the true nature of the enemy that you fight. Their hearts are set against you and your families, and your kids. No amount of education is going to change their minds and if you think so, you are suffering ‘the battered wife syndrome’. However, your valiant efforts have not gone unnoticed by right thinking companies (see lead-in photo).

There is only one way for those politicians and that is to un-elect them through education about their corporate allegiance to other voters by building coalitions into voting blocks. Don't buy any brand names listed in the GMA group -No Matter What The Label Says- and especially those companies below. Do read all label ingredient labels. At the sign of any depression, please read Psalms 37 cause the fight between good and evil was never about education. Both sides know exactly what they are about. Stay alert, stay aware, stay alive. And stay here, of course.]

(Story source - HuffPost; all emphasis - Ed)

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