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Temecula, CA – It has been said that freedom isn’t free, that you must constantly defend it. That freedom which we defend is based on laws used to set our freedom boundaries. However, once a law Operation Bus ‘Em In was announced.
is in place, the fight to keep the set law boundaries starts. In a system whose overlord is Mammon, not every duly appointed/elected official can be expected to recognize campers from migrants or stand with citizens against Federal encroachment, as Jeff Stone’s sniveling printed statement of capitulation showed when

Aside from the obvious factors of human culpability, there is an insidious aroma perceived when the above are mixed with the twin horns of greed and ignorant arrogance, stirred by the spoon of self-righteousness. With these thematic virtues in a storm-tossed salad featuring the ‘greens’ of cannabis [money, neophytes], you can’t just take a picket sign made from home to this gunfight. You need ‘old might’ to stand against such turbulence. You need a Viking, those legendary warriors of old who sailed on stormy seas to slay giants and dragons.

Well, that was then and this is now. As Riverside County moves tomorrow to open public discussion of an ‘emergency ban’ [presumably for water conservation] against outside marijuana grows authorized by Prop 215, a modern day Viking has sounded the call to make the medical marijuana patient and grower alike aware of this undermining of the law. Amazingly enough, this Viking hails from my hometown so you know this is a story I have to cover.

Part of the reason for this ban is that most people outside the culture of cannabis see any and all people who smoke pot as people who smoke pot. There is no enlightenment beyond that fixation. A major element of the reason for this is unknowing, but to be fair, an equal part of this veil is mystical like The Bible. Though many opponents of pot use refuse to concede on this point, Genesis 1:29, 30 does indeed degree herbs for man’s use, and benefit. This is pretty much in the same breath which set our limit of reality at time, space, and matter. Further discussion of this metaphysical viewpoint occurs in Chapter 20, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green [Amazon].

Moving past the esoteric to the practical involves putting a law in place that does justice to all parties affected. These parties would be; the plant, the grower, the end user, the state, proper research allowed for future use, no mutilation of something specifically mentioned in The Bible which would be desecration, and protection under the common law of the land as a common resource.

After the successful election of Prop 215, it was known that such a legal step was only the first in a system governed by the winners of alcohol prohibition as a clean gasoline and the cessation of a clean new energy from pre-WWII Germany, who didn’t want to be dependent on ‘foreign oil’. Where have we all heard that before? 

Jack Herer saw what was coming and crafted out a fair piece of legislature that is equitable to all involved known as the Compassionate Cannabis Hemp Initiative. This is the horse to back in the coming race. Will this law stop those whose hearts are turned against what God has ordained? No. that’s why this campaign is being kicked off with a Viking, symbolic of a warrior, also a woman, symbolic of Joan de ‘Arc, another warrior woman. 

“This is turning out to be pretty good day.” – Alexander Godunov, The Money Pit

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