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Temecula, CA – Today the Calendar presents the unabridged look at life in the nifty fifty with annotations from news views around the world as we prick the bubble called the American Dream, a false inception about the land of the free, home of the slave. Though we will sort through the racial rhetoric, it is not the purpose of this piece to convert anyone since racism is an emotion not a learned behavior, but to educate and illustrate which is the purpose of any publication. People can hang by the noose their heart puts around their own neck at judgment.

It must also be stated that the racism of America is unique from any other nation in the world and so prevalent that you can feel its ugly presence when you exit and return to the United States from Canada or Europe. As my late friend, William “Bill” Brummell, said once to me, “I didn’t know I was prejudiced until I went to London.” Racism affects everyone in America and isn’t only a black-white issue as the O’Reilly’s of the world would have you believe. Everyone in this country who isn’t white and male has experienced racism in some form, because at the heart of racial inequality is economic control and chauvinism. As John and Yoko so famously wrote in song, “Women are the niggers of the world.”

Racism isn’t an American invention. Both the cause and racial rejection are addressed in the Bible parable via Jesus’ subject theme of ‘the good Samaritan’ noted for being a good neighbor example, Luke 10:29-37; to ‘justify himself (…) to Jesus’ is the clue. But you can’t expect any prejudiced sanctified heart to see the obvious. Even the KKK is a ‘good Christian organization’ who gets its fodder from the scriptures, accordingly 30 places as per members’ pastors. The litmus test for racism, unless you're here from a non-white country, is the inability to reckon the difference between ‘nigga’ [nig'gah] and ‘nigger’ [nig' gur'] as much as the ‘some of my best friends are’ and ‘you people’ [see Tropic Thunder].

Can you spot which one is the police chief, the mayor, and the local DA?

Michael Brown’s unwarranted killing witnessed in the now verified audio recording shows the degree of brutality used; six shots, followed by 4 more after a brief pause, and has finally re-exposed the hypocrisy that has been going on in this country since Rosewood. Much like the subject of cannabis or the discussion of Jesus versus the religion of Christianity, Mike Brown’s untimely death has opened a boxcar full of fecal matter.

Perhaps when readers finish this report they may understand why I came to the defense of my Murrieta neighbors recently when the mass media tried to label them as ‘racists’ in a town where I can walk down the street and be greeted as a person, not as a black person. Does this mean that I’m not susceptible to WWB? Of course not, this is America, not the Land of Oz. Not more than six months ago I was stopped in the midst of white families and kids, all of us on foot and none of whom I knew, by a young white cop when dressed in my black hoodie during a brisk day, who asked me where was I from? 

“My mother’s womb, but I have been here since ’94. How long have you been here?” 

Six months, from LA,” was the cop’s reply once my answer filtered in, but I wasn’t snippy in my voice and offered to show him my ID which I learned from the white man’s ROTC to always carry. White folks know the rules and they taught us well at my old alma mater. It will always be the best school in the state to me [though it is now ranked at #9].

The victim, Mike Brown, seems quite different according to those who actually knew him versus the official line coming out in the mainstream media coverage but that is to be expected no matter what wing it represents. Some blacks and especially your pseudo-sympathetic whites, all lose it when the riot issue comes up. Though never spoken of by any so-called liberal black talking head, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught that racism has always been about money. Blacks were made slaves here primarily because you didn’t have to buy any uniforms to tell the free people from the slaves, unlike the period of ‘indentured servants’. Racism clouds the eyes of those who don’t understand that unfair police style taxation of adults leaves their youth wanting a refund and fuels the fire more than greed. Random acts of kindness are drowned out by Southern Cross media mindsets but Ferguson protest demonstrations have taken place around the country.

The Ferguson police seem more like serious racial keystone kops as they incite riots and apply Southern sharia law to citizen journalists in defiance of higher ranking white officials with a attitude of ‘no Yankee nigger’ is telling me what to do. Forget about having any rights guaranteed to white folks when racist oppressors are rewarded as blacks are disenfranchised, a long historical norm. Meanwhile even northern bulls who undermine protests like OWS don’t understand Southern hospitality. But the United States doesn’t live in a vacuum as the systemic American evil reaches from religions like Mormonism which didn’t allow any people of color entry until ’68, the year of Bobby Seal's fair trial. Local businessman Rashid Khan, a [dark-skinned] Pakistani, spoke of how the good Mormons of Utah would greet him daily, a young man then, with “Hi nigger” when he passed them on the street in his new country state of Utah. 

Why anyone of color would join such a movement even after granted admission is a testimony to the power of the poonanny [see the future story, 'Attitudes, Platitudes, and Latitudes'] and magic panties. This simmering sexual attraction of opposites was something even Sarah Palin had to try and taste [pun intended], but I digress since interracial sex doesn’t cure prejudice, only wonder. For that secret you can research Thomas the Rhymer, go to London as my friend Bill [Brummell] did, or buy a copy of Memoirs from Amazon [see Chapter 15, ‘wired’] because it won’t be revealed here for free.

Getting a fair shake is nil given Hillary’s lackluster ‘mother’s wit', the local DA whose father was killed by a black man, Mitt’s eugenics/Monsanto background, the political history of Ferguson, and today’s dog whistle politics. Though some are starting to recover from the racial policy of prison privatization where blacks, Latinos, and ‘white losers’ including children are treated as if they are ratings for profits. With the coming second blood moon named the Hunter’s Moon [Oct. 8] I am more inclined to believe the joke motto of Max [real name Kathi Smith] in Memoirs, “It’s always darkest just before everything goes black.” With the shape of the world today on 8/30/2014, that growing glow is from a distant fire, not the dawn of enlightenment as black men continue to be snuffed out like the Native Americans during the 1800s.

Thank you for reading this.

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