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Temecula, CA – When you’re a community news blog that addresses the needs of those in distress, it is nice to get a call to help someone in pleasant circumstances achieve that next level. This request came from a friend that I’ve known since Heck was a pup. 

For those in college or with those memories of the past, was there ever a time that you didn’t need some assistance, even to rock the party? At a time when you are most striving to be an adult or hanging on to that last thread of family before embarking into the [so-called] real world, it’s still nice to get some outside help. After the hatchet job on Murrieta lately, the Temecula Calendar is happy to put forth some good PR to those outside the valley. 

This being a music scene outlet also, meet and greet Cameron W. Benboe, grandson of classmate Ann Elizabeth Long, someone I’ve known since before I could count to twenty-one. Cameron is in a contest and needs your vote as he enters his junior year at Hampton University, a top ranked, upwardly mobile college not unlike Howard but a lot less crowded or known about. However, college is college so every contest carries a prize that helps toward reaching the end goal of graduation.

What is the HBCU Buzz? Today everything is a brand and every market has one, even the latest market of costumed play. Black colleges have existed primarily since the Civil War ended and The Buzz provides this current collective student body with news relevant to 105 campuses through their brand. Topics covered range from sports, fashion trends, politics and relevant controversy from the perspective of current students and several journalists heavily involved in the black Christian community. The Buzz is committed to promoting pride and unity in order to enhance current black college life adding to the historical perception of attending a primarily black university. 

Cameron is entering his junior year at Hampton University and has been on the Dean's List all four semesters. Now he also needs your vote for Top DJ as DJ Camouflage.

“Please vote for my grandson, Cameron W. Benboe for top HBCU DJ” here

In the picture above, Hampton student Cameron W. Benboe is the handsome guy with the Mario Van Peebles look, in the gray shirt, 3rd from left. Pssst, you can vote every day, just saying, cough stuff the ballot box.

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