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Temecula, CA – Today more than any past time, the desire to be a hero, even a pretend hero, is greater than
at any other in our human cycle. Thankfully modern technology has made all our dreams come true while the real heroes partner unseen with forces such as Divine Intervention between the scenes. On Saturday, August 16 at M15, this reporter became a scribe to the second issue of Club Cosplay in Corona. This time the growing Cosplay scene for nerds like them featured a Transformer and an ‘origin shop’.

Following the highly successful first launch of Club Cosplay at M15 by Ivan Promotions earlier in the summer, this event was sandwiched between two geek events Friday and two events on Sunday, including SongHammer playing to three million gamer fans worldwide via internet, take that Rolling Stones in Rio [2 million record/beach]*.

This night also saw some old friends Paul Bahou with GF Melissa [Inverse band, The Infamous They] cosplaying Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood [ROTLA] and Jamaal Harley [Illnoise, Harley Gold] get his glitter eyeliner from a professional make-up artist in the green room. Over 60% of the crowd was brand new as this dress-up in costume club phenomena spreads. Walt Disney, now the owner of Marvel, is taking the entire Universe ‘on ice’ next year rather than the usual brunch of critters.

Let’s face it. With the state of the world and this country, who doesn’t yearn for a super hero to save us from ourselves?

Seen from the freeway I-15 north lane, the M15 billboard says it all. On a warm evening, the second and sequel issue of Club Cosplay was up, up, and away.

As before, let’s see the hero cars first. This time there was newcomer KITT from the 80s TV series Knight Rider [Davis Hasselhoff] who joined the back again BTTF DeLorean.

This time Batman brought his ride and Alfred’s great-grandson kept the desert dust off.

yes, Sports Fans, those machine guns do work but they fire blanks
Here’s a look at the muscle in this muscle car. 

And another close-up of some side detail seldom seen on the speeding supercar 

Leonardo was still talking about Temecula’s 3K+ movie debut to the crowd at Club Cosplay

Night fell and it was time to party nerdy

So I said “Goodnight, KITT.” “Good night P T.”

Inside Club Cosplay, you could go to the bar for some head

Pro-contest winner Transformer needed a yard of ale and a long straw for a cool draw

The dance floor was more packed, as once again 3 different DJs rocked the house through the night

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles rapped and tumbled

And SongHammer thrilled the crowd in a prelude to the Geek Awards

Plus with the usual cast and hosts [LeeAnna and Bernie], Dweebcast was live, really McFlive, on the scene.

Look for Club Cosplay, same Bat channel, same Bat place, date to be announced.

(*- disclaimer: This does not mean to imply that SongHammer is better than the legendary rockers but that the modern technology exists today to allow Rev 11:9,10 to come true – Ed)

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