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Temecula, CA – What’s next in the pre-trib is the boooom now that all the players are in place. China has annexed the South China Sea to which both Vietnam and The Philippines have voiced objections to. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met his counterparts from some southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, on the sidelines of the summit in Myanmar.

Wang told Vietnamese Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh that the China would take "all necessary means to safeguard national sovereignty and maritime rights and interests" and urged Vietnam to properly deal with the aftermath of the anti-Chinese riots which happened in Vietnam. That’s the equivalent of STFU and take it.

For America it was business as usual. Congress broke for their summer vacation, a new VA appointee promised to put in new fixes for the sorry case delays there, and Obama ordered a couple of sorties [drone?] flown to pimp slap ISIS, the group beginning to frighten Muslims over 30 who live in the area. ISIS draws an international brotherhood of radicals, and they’re not Arab. 

After that, it was off for a vacation as well for Barry.

But not before ordering humanitarian air drops to thousands of non-Christian, non-Jews, and non-Arab indigenous people living there whose religious culture predates Judaism. 

The latest reaction to the renewed war effort in Iraq against ISIS or ISIL or whatever their name of the week is, has been positive toward the President as was test marketed at the Iowa State Fair, the bellwether of national Main Street opinion beyond the tea bag topical circle.

All this positive opinion might dry up if those good folks featured at the fair if they knew Obama was only dropping bombs on those on the Iraq side of the Caliphate. The ones on the Syria are safe from harm, cough, 33rd parallel

While all the time Palestinian oppression and anger build in the pressure cooker called Gaza, an unreal reality for the people there fated to be solved by a legendary evil as if in a video game. But this is no game. Evil is everywhere it seems and not just in pockets.

Most people aren’t political and are therefore unaware. The people who are political also reach out for a minute before moving on in their cycle. Therefore, people who shop at Albertsons and other main stream supermarkets won’t know that GMO apples are now stocked and marketed by Superfresh under the styles Golden Delicious and Granny Smith, lot# 4017, weighing an average 270 grams and both being green in color. And life goes on.

Black teens continue to get gunned down by militarized police who are Vets that served recent duty. Black frustration continues to develop into a riot by those who would take advantage of a situation to the detriment of the central story point – justice for an unarmed teenager shot dead by an armed adult.

This isn't a scene from Guardians of The Galaxy
 It’s a cycle against inner city young men that echoes still in LA with the latest Death By Cop. 

A woman who said she was the mother of the deceased told KTLA that the victim's name was Ezell Ford. The woman, who said her name is Tritobia Ford, told KTLA that her son was lying on the ground and complying with police commands when police shot him three times. She said police would give her no information about the shooting.

A man who identified himself as a cousin of Ezell Ford told KTLA that every police officer in the area knows that Ford had "mental problems" and "complications." The man told KTLA that police shot Ezell Ford in the back, and that when Ford's mother approached police asking for information, they pulled out billy clubs.

Folks at home aren’t worried about ISIS because we have the best army in the world

Guarded by the best paid mercenary army in the world 

Meanwhile, today’s modern cop, not police officers [those are up in Canada] reacts predictably with all their militarized police issue

Against a citizenry held captive not unlike those in Gaza

Against a backdrop of no jobs [Thanks Mitt], racial blowback [Thanks Obama, Republicans], and Wieners [Thanks Democrats], the homegrown just want their own slice so they can be king somewhere.

Does Divine Intervention have a Judgment Plan? 

The Bible, Memoirs of Mr. Pete, and others say ‘yes’ because all 3 major religions have vowed to rule the world their own way. It’s a new spaghetti western, The Start, The Finish, and The Ugly. Produced by Man, written by God, popcorn’s fresh.

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