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Temecula, CA – Monday our silent hovering UFOs were back but with one major difference; smoke trails in the night sky. That single solitary feature was MIA during any and all the last filmed sightings done by everyone, including me. The smoke trails, like the rushed video release of Mike Brown in the convenience store before a police report, tries to justify a false conclusion with no collaboration such as the history of a store operated by an Asian who is neither black nor white. Given the historical contempt between the two minority groups in this country and no report of what was said, the vid seems a premature rush to justify racial police brutality.

Seen again Monday night, there were four lights or UFOs when I first observed the lighted phenomena. That soon became 3 and then went down to two, winking out as before. The smoke trails were barely visible but you could see them against the night sky which had less light pollution from the city this time. Also through the binoculars, there was a lot less detail to be observed this time as if the Ufos were at a greater truncated distance away from my viewing spot.

A neighbor who has ties to Pendleton through his son almost immediately said, “Probably flares over Camp Pendleton, though I have never seen any like that.” The man also pointed out the smoke trails and agreed to check it out online to see if he was correct. I passed around the binoculars for all in our viewing circle. In about twenty minutes he returned with his verdict.

Returning, the neighbor said Google had websites showing that Pendleton was shooting flares for night munitions testing. Finally, the last ‘light’ went out and we all went back to our spots. I did snap a few pics though not all the ones I would have liked to. Once inside and back at my home office, I checked the info I had been given.

While the Google search engine turned up a number of web headings talking about flares at Camp Pendleton, a number of these sites were ‘bad gateways’ or bogus. Another went to a listing of ‘noise adversaries’ for the booms heard from Pendleton after ISIS, now the Islamic State, declared to Obama they’re coming to dinner and bringing a few heads with them. The remaining sites seemed to have personal accounts of people claiming to know it is flares that people have seen.

The problem with this misdirection that my neighbor dismissed as factual is the first layer of debunking, the fluff layer. My neighbor probably went and just saw the headlines without checking any of the actual sites, a rookie mistake and one meant for rookies. Like the local efforts to be there for kids with autism here by promoting all this money for therapy, no money is allotted for prevention, possible causes, or alternative cures, only treatment which serves to self grandiose for political purposes and enrich therapists. Obviously some treatment is called for after the fact so that isn’t the issue.

Analysis: Observed again through binoculars, these Ufos didn’t exhibit the same craft structure as this first sighting and possibly weren’t as bright or as alien. There were no, repeat, no smoke trails seen at earlier sightings. It is presumed that this time no March Airfield jets were scrambled as like the first sighting, which wouldn’t have happened for a scheduled Marine operation on a Marine base. Also there were no complex aerobatics reported this time as with the second sighting either. Below are two single [crappy] cell phone shots taken last night followed by a shot from the first sighting. You make the call.

UFO or flare, 8-24-14 over Temecula

UFO over Temecula, 6-25-14, and no smoke trail
For extra credit, here’s an Italian video on the subject.

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