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Temecula, CA – “I play a little bit of guitar. My education hasn’t gotten me far. I’m a gamer I don’t
know who you are. I’m a hero.”

Those words from track 7 off of World Of SongHammer match up with the character sentiments expressed by LeeAnna Vamp’s geek in Strike Twelve’s No Rain cover vid. Now in just 2 days, the world according to costume play will again assemble for the extravaganza birthed by Ivan Promotions at Corona’s M15 for Club Cosplay 2.0, the second edition of a growing phenomena highlighting shutting out actual reality for that found in fantasy and friendship. With GMO apples and probably salmon appearing unannounced in the marketplace, the world has become a scary place for those inside and outside of Gaza.

With evil fighting evil, it is much more blissful to be in a world where good guys wear white and the bad guys wear black, and if that black is just a little showboat-ty, done with tongue in cheek, so much the better for those who have alter egos rather than those who are mega maniacs. Stop the world – I want to get in costume.

Though details are still under wraps as to what to expect from Saturday’s Club Cosplay, word has spread about the amount of fun that was had by all who attended previously, and with the recent release of blockbuster weekends for both Guardians and Ninja Turtles, a grand turnout is expected for this sequel showing.

Back will be the same hosts, LeeAnna and Bernie along with his party bus from LA. Pre-sale has been brisk and Ivan is making the promo tour route involving all the supporting comic shops, checking one last time on the anticipated gate of nerds seeking fun. DweebCast will be back because it was fun. As a new scene, Club Cosplay remains unspoiled because of that and because being a hero, even pretend, speaks to us all. The same can be said for being a villain, as many good guy movie stars have voiced, with some even winning an Oscar [Training Day].

Old friends like Morgan, the security man from The Vault who wore a kilt in those days like a Samuel L. Jackson, and Pilar, the straight edge door person from the same now defunct venue are part of the ground crew in place for Club Cosplay. Ditto for Shaun the sound engineer. With the groundwork laid and the few rough spots smoothed out from the maiden voyage, Club Cosplay is set to bedazzle once more with the exclusive world premiere of WAR, the latest video from SongHammer not set for public viewing until next year. The award winning WOW gamer band whose prop hammers cost 200 bucks each [“We break about two a year because we actually battle with them”] pretty much sums it up with this:

           “No foe is too great, no chasm too wide,
            no army too armed, no mountain too high,
            no theory too deep, no feeling too weak,
            with hammer and whip, its adventure we seek”

KVCR’s David Fleming will air online a previously taped radio interview with CroonHammer, the producer of the Death Is On The Way video, and Ivan Promotions Saturday morning. Check here for listing.

In case you missed the first episode A First Hope. Here is Andy Riesmeyer from DweebCast to tell you all about it.

Club Cosplay 2.0 – a Nerd-Safe fun party extravaganza

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