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Temecula, CA – As part of the valley’s news group, our purpose is to keep our readers informed on topics of the day. But as we all do that, it became a TemCal purpose to show trends and give a medley for the music being played to the general audience, as via this story. Next, being based on professed Christian values, the Calendar brought in stories concerning eschatology like this one. Now today we come full cycle by presenting not just what’s coming, but when and how we know. We present Prof. Lane, Lewis Lane.

“We are in the blood moon tetrad cycle. Blood moons are signs for or concerning the Jewish Nation, in their land and in the general population, meaning around the world. What is coming will affect every Jew everywhere by virtue of the fulfillment of a Bible Code prediction. However, it isn’t what the Hunter Moon predicts that will affect the world in total, but the event this prediction leads to.”

I had found Prof. Lane quite by accident through a chance meeting of an old friend in Old Town. Talking and tasting wine, the topic of the day, I mean night, was Netanyahu basically telling the United States stay out of Israel’s business, these are my people to destroy as I see fit. Not that we don’t have other nations’ leaders doing the same thing to people in their mitts. Somehow however, these other leaders don’t have Israel’s arrogance, or as Jesus would say ‘stiff-necked’ postures. To be fair, the situation in the Middle East isn’t cultural, religious, or magical, so a solution isn’t within man’s reach, only History’s.

“Also known as the Torah code, a purported set of secret messages is encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. Although Bible codes have been postulated and studied for centuries, the subject has been popularized in modern times by Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Code. The other question beyond ‘who’ put this in’ is, do the codes apply only to the Torah or to a much larger reality? I say they most certainly do.”

“Look, beyond the historical conflict. What we, the world, are witnessing via instant communications, is a judgment taking place. At one time, according to Biblical history, God told his people he set them aside, as the chosen. They were chosen to bring forth a messiah and it was written that they would reject him, a dogma billions believe. Ten of the 12 tribes were carried off and never heard from again. These people didn’t disappear. They were absorbed into the general population. The Jews who brought judgment to the Christ of the Bible however, were Pharisees. This ruling class type migrated north to escape various turmoils like refugees today and became the Ashkenazi Jews. Hardened by revolts, dislike, and run off from various locations in Europe they were the ones primarily slaughtered in Germany by Hitler, who died in 1965 in Argentina, not 1945 in Germany.” 

“Put through those horrors, these modern day Pharisees were charged with one task in the future by God to them. God told them, “In the future when you get your house back, remember to treat the foreigners well, for you were once a foreigner in this land”, referring to when God first gave them the promised land. This is interesting because it doesn’t have a prophecy ring to it; it speaks more of a future warning, a final call-out to someone taking a journey.”

“However, the Jews are under The Law. Even today the truce called is called because of it being a fast day of forgiveness and the Jews, the ones especially in Jerusalem, are bound by The Law. That’s the real reason for the truce, not any sympathy. This whole event was started to keep Hamas separated from other Islamic groups and forming a federation. The Law says an eye for an eye, and the person who professed to turn the other cheek, to see the Spirit of the Law rather than the Letter of The Law, they rejected. Compromise is not a Middle East word."

“As we can plainly see, Israel has failed to heed this warning because of the rejection and this was written as happening. The next blood moon occurring in October will signal Benjamin Netanyahu’s assassination, as foretold in The Bible Code through the words ‘assassination’, ‘Obama’, and ‘Netanyahu’ connection brought on by this latest round of cruelty and signaled by this coming Hunter Moon.” 

“Remember, a hunter is a sniper; solitary, stalking, and singular in purpose. I predict Netanyahu is a dead man sometime around the blood moon appearance. The use of the moon indicates a night shot because a full moon gives a maximum of light. A full blood moon will give off great light for anyone with infrared glasses to see by.” 

At this point I interrupted the Prof. ‘If some miracle was to happen and the Jews changed their hearts toward the Palestinians? You know, stopped the settlements, opened the borders, and tried to live up to what it says in the Old Testament? What if?

“First of all, that is never going to happen. If it did, in your comic book world, the Arabs would slaughter them in their sleep on the first night. Did you see what ISIS did to the Arab Christians who had been living in their midst? Made them move, leaving everything, then robbed them of their wedding bands at the border. They also blew up the bone relics of Jonah from the whale story. No, there will never nor can there ever be peace between the two groups. There is a reason, a core reason, I believe is the cause of this. Besides, this is what is written, if you believe.”

“However, it isn’t the assassination of Netanyahu that’s the main event here. This act will pave the way for the construction of the Temple Mount because the Dome of The Rock is going to be pulverized in revenge for Netanyahu.” – Prof. Lewis Lane


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