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Temecula, CA – No hero ever gallops into battle without an appropriate theme song, be it at the movies, on the television, or inside your imagination. The same is true if you are partaking in role play adventures with video games. So it should stand to reason that fans dressed as their favorite heroes in costumed play or Cosplay should also have a soundtrack to trumpet up their hero light to. Music sets the mood, as voiced by the director of GofG who stated it set the action filmed in the summer blockbuster.

When Club Cosplay debuted in June at M15, Corona, it was an extravaganza of costumes, collectibles, and music, featuring not just DJs spinning trance with bass augmentation along with other EDM for fans to dance to, but also a live music set to watch. Unlike most bands I watch who are dressed in jeans and tee shirts kicking musical ass, like my friend to the right, the band which took the stage at Club Cosplay could have easily been part of the crowd, dressed as Conan Age warriors. 

Funny thing is, I had seen these guys years before at The Vault in the band Conspiracy of Thought. The rising phoenix back cover shot from Nothing More Than Light, CoT’s 2009 CD release, proved to be prophetic for the group as Ben Stewart (vox, guitar) along with newcomer Dustin Miller play ShredHammer and CroonHammer characters aka Songhammer.

The dark, moody, thought-provoking tunage from the 2009 CD effort has bloomed into a rousing set of adventure ballads that fill your imagination with legends of valor, heroes of old, and epic times when bands of men rode off to fight battles against other armed groups flying a different set of colors; done against a heavy metal backdrop that sounds written by a Green Bay Packer gamer. No less savage or brutal than today, history has romanticized this period as being barbaric when heroes fought for honor not energy, for fame not fortune, and were rewarded by Immortals. As part of the costumed role play universe, Songhammer has captured this imagery perfectly in a metal school of rock way that, as Dick Clark would say, ‘has a good beat and is easy to dance to’. 

The production quality is top notch and most of the songs flow easily in both lyrics and rhythm. To that I would add through the intelligence showed in writing/crafting the first CD blossomed and bloomed under the nerd sun, Songhammer has produced a winner with songs written to be radio friendly enough, done in a genre to compliment the Cosplay scene, making for a fitting soundtrack to ride off into the night on; be it rearing charger, dragon, X-wing fighter, broomstick, invisible plane, silver surfboard, flying chair, or magic word. Invisible capes excluded since you don't ride off in them.

Pick up your copy of World of Songhammer in less than two weeks at Club Cosplay 2. Till then, here is a vid from the CD to whet your appetite.

See the World Premiere of 'WAR' the next video release from Songhammer at Club Cosplay 2

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