Saturday, September 13, 2014



Temecula, CA – Few stories give me greater pleasure than introducing my readers to the range of cannabis
cuties, everyday beauties that include a 420Nurse or three [including #98 and my source for this story], in a contest for Hemp Girl in the coming Las Vegas HempFest.

As you peruse each entry, to be appreciated as much for their appearance as their unique projected emotion, compare the liquid personalities portrayed in pose versus your Bud Light girls, not that there isn’t some objectification here. This is, after all, a modeling contest but it isn’t about and doesn’t show just the bikini side of today’s young woman, many of whom are medical patients getting relief from today’s environmental imposed health causes.

Whether you decide to go to Vegas or not, you owe your eyeballs and mindset the treat of knowing the kind of women who aren’t joining ISIS, or having sex with their brothers and students, who don’t brawl, bawl, or even do nude book reading in public. These are the girls just down the street; the ones you catch a glimpse of at the store sometimes; the ones that make you go ‘hmmm?!’; the ones that smoke pot.

By making the jump, you agree you are old enough for adult content in regard to cannabis use, cough, cough.

Final warning to those with a visual sweet tooth, eye candy here.

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