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Temecula, CA – Seemingly cracks has started to appear in the Riverside County’s Iron Dome resolve against untaxed meds raining in like rockets to medical marijuana patients. First the county Supervisors postponed their roll-out of a new fine system against medical patients’ grows until further notice. This new revenue system of the Supes was being sold as only a pin prick to patients as opposed to the heavy hand of the Feds. “Just a little pin prick” (Pink Floyd) sounds apropos for the Big Pharma Supervisor who sits on the board, a member of the same state board who rousted the Mexicans for pot 100 ago in the first false flag incident to happen on 9/11. [Personally I see a political ‘table’ until after the coming Nov 4 elections]

Now comes word from a friend just this morning of a Murrieta cop’s recognition that attempt to regulate God-given cannabis for people [Gen 1:29,30] is too herculean a task for locals to handle. Cannabis, both the subject and the plant, are found in the Book which predicted Hamas and its role thousands of years ago. Were pot as simple as Irish yoga I wouldn’t need to author a book explaining the lasting effect knowing Mary Jane has had on my life, and still does in the company I keep.

Thanks to the Dumb andDumber approach* of those in control, medical patients in legal states are worried and California, the land that started it all, is now compared to ‘the old west’. In the course of researching material for this story, there was a side adventure, but we’re back on schedule now. This report outs the Robin Hoods of the new West, delivery services who provide for medical marijuana patients.

For purposes of explaining the nature of cannabis to those outside the culture, the following visual aid is used, and a tip o’ the hat to Peter Griffin – “visual aids come in so handy”.

I hope the preceding allegory dispels the notion that dispensaries, collectives, store fronts, or delivery service owners lead a ‘Scarface’ style existence. They don’t and so far the best dressed are those who oppress the poor.

DEA Head Capra

On the other hand, the medical marijuana business provides a service devoid of the middle man or state’s fee for doing nothing, the real welfare going on since anyone in state employment makes more than a person is allowed to earn on official welfare or unemployment/social security [two programs you pay into and then hope to receive back what you put in.

Delivering or providing meds to patients without the duty markup is essentially stealing from the rich and giving to the poor – the MMJ patients who can afford high prices the least. The disparity comes from people, even stoners, not discerning that two marijuana markets exist at present, medicinal and recreational.

*- People, including politicians, pastors, and other do-gooders are not to fault about their misgivings concerning pot. Thanks to a hundred year + campaign of disinformation with no personal experience, it’s akin to never having met someone of another color/race. 

Aside from inexperience and the perceived stigma, there is a real ‘stigma’ surrounding the smoking of cannabis or have you never wondered why the Rastas chose cannabis over wine as the sacrament in their sect of Christianity?

Trust me, Sports Fans, I didn’t write Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green for my health. There is a magic to Mary Jane that is unlike to any other and it is as unique in force as anything surrounding what you hear about the Bible. We know things in the Bible have their own power, like war, death, respect, prophecy, so why not cannabis?

There is a real reason why cannabis was made illegal for 100 yrs and is now busting out like The Hulk in a tux. Pick up your copy of Memoirs now and become hip to the dip, cause like the Revolution, it will not be televised, and when you figure it out, it will be too ¡no bueno!

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