Friday, September 26, 2014



Temecula, CA – Sunday in the north section of LA county in the community known as Canoga Park, the medical marijuana modeling agency known as the 420Nurses will orchestrate a social event that will triple as a Headquarters Grand Opening and the official launch of the NEWS brand branch of the organization.

For those who have read my reports on past social events like the Green Pearl photo shoot, site of my first real involvement with the group beyond the detached internet interaction gained through mere observance, this is the next benchmark. That day marked a giant leap for me as I got to see firsthand the class and excitement generated by this group that defies shallow definition and draws no comparison anywhere.

This Sunday will open the next chapter in the fight for the correct type of legalization for California by launching the still infant NEWS site, officially introduced as the outlet for anything and everything of importance to MMJ patients that are fans, friends, and 420Nurses themselves.

The NEWS launch is just a portion of a daylong event that promises to be hot and smoky as LA cools down. Music, games, door prizes, vendors and as Motley Crue would say, ‘Girls, Girls, Girls!! 

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But as future reports will show there is no single pigeon hole for these beauties who aspire to be the spokeswomen for the active urban medical marijuana person of the coming cannabis enlightenment. Indeed, 420Nuses chapters are springing up all over the country even in areas just beginning to catch a whiff of wellness.
ChaCha Va Voom and Summer Rain, center front, next to Richard Eastman
There appears to be no stopping the spread of the cannabis movement and even though the White House will come around since bong hit Barry is The Man, who would you rather see push this important measure to the masses?


Or them?

You make the call!!

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