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Temecula, CA – The breaking news right now is that Joan Rivers, a comedy legend who once stiffed Johnny Carson and known as ‘the Tongue’ for being sharp-witted as Rodney Dangerfield but more self-effacing, has succumbed to her fate and destiny. Like the legend she was, she went out in true showbiz fashion, at the height of the latest controversy surrounding her mouth.

While those who she said were better off that way or that they somehow deserved it [the Palestinian civilians], may feel karma has been served, let me pose another question I learned from recent research into an historical character named Thomas The Rhymer, a poet and dreamer of Ercildoune, Scotland [circa 1220-1298 CE]. I ask this question in light of the fact that the 3 ‘major monotheism religions are the ones bringing major misery into the world as well. My question is: Whose side is this ‘one God’ on and does the day of the week of Joan's demise offer a clue?

There is a given that the majority of believers seem to buy into, and that is both an absolute and a pyramid. What if there is a third way? Be warned, this article could be subversive to your thinking. 

The genesis for this story came from another story I happened to read. My quiet time is in the morning, taking a shit. My body is relaxed, I’m thinking over what the day should be like, and I have time to read. Typically, I’ll read something of interest. As those familiar with Memoirs’ Chapter 7, life can be different off the main road down the path less traveled. So recently one morning in a Time-Life coffee table book, I came across a person who, historically, did not die.

This isn’t the first time a person has historically been recorded not to die, but this is the first time to my knowledge, the person wasn’t Jewish and he wasn’t in the Bible.

For a while I tried to brush off the tale as maybe just a whisper, but then I researched it outside my humble sources. Lo and behold, I found a ton of historical evidence of this Scotsman who lived in the 1200s. This wealth of information included the fact that the story Rip Van Winkle had been loosely based around Thomas. You can do your own research and reach your own opinion as to how these facts may affect your philosophy toward life.

For me it gives credence to the belief or “I told you so” about Joan Rivers’ cruel remarks toward Palestinian civilian deaths. That is, she was punished for it by karma, or at the very most, by a vengeful Allah. 

But the tale of Thomas the Rhymer keeps getting in the way. By his very nature TtR falls into the category of things from legend or fable. In that vast realm there exists someone who people are once again aware of – Thor, the god of Thunder. Thursday is the slang version of Thor’s Day.

Perhaps God is sitting this one out as his 3 religions bring woe to the people of the planet; Shem, Ham, and Japheth, all from the days of Noah. 

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