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Temecula, CA – Having been to a few promoted parties for different events, medical marijuana events tend
to separate into two different groups, like witnessed at the High Fi in DTLA. You have the folks there just to party and you have the lookie lous, those there to see the latest pot innovations on the market, be they gadget, edible, or available flower. The 420Nurses Grand Opening party was all that and a bucket of fries.

Arriving early [“I’m with the band”], the 420Nurses crew had been there the previous night to set up until 3AM, but ‘the girls’ were coming once they got all ready. Once Chacha and Summer Rain arrived along with several other 420Nurses, the Grand Opening was off to becoming spectacular. 

Over the course of the day and night, there were girls, girls, girls – all 420Nurses, prize-winning vendors, partiers, patients, even a parent or two, in a crowd that seemed more a backyard bonnaroo, complete with classic cars, homemade edibles, raffles and tattooing. In the end, the event was more successful than planned. The story in pictures to capture the day, after the jump.
So what kind of day was it???

It started off quiet as things get set up in Canoga Park, a city in the middle of others laying in the San Fernando Valley. The 420Nurses World Headquarters is in the city's midsection, a beehive of activity.

  The day promised much...

The event delivered!!

420Nurses group, top right; 420Nurse bottom right is model, Bob Carlee, from 'Don't Judge Me' story
There were raffles for tattoos, glass, and gadgets.

The crowd early and outside was more pedestrian.

But us social butterflies knew where to light, up that is, I say up, cough, cough.

Amidst the clatter there was a meeting or two,

More raffles

And did I mention girls, Girls, GIRLS!!

If you look real close, the Nurse model in the center has a fresh '420Nurses' tat on her side

I even made a friend in the big city.


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