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Temecula, CA – If you are headed to Las Vegas first ever HempFest here’s hoping you saw this tip.
There, back now, here’s what’s cracking by Calendar Intern and 420Nurses VP Summer Rain filed, her cute picture is on the right.

“HempFest is a celebration of the progressive growth of the hemp & cannabis culture. These are revolutionary events that happen across the country throughout the year. The most common celebration date is on 4/20, the core date behind the cannabis communities fruit of celebration. The purpose of the Hemp Fest is to provide members of the marijuana world to come together, network, collaborate, and fight towards growth of the culture!

Las Vegas HempFest is hosted by Seattle HempFest’s very own - John Davis & Jeannie Herer. &&& The World Famous 420nurses!!!!!

On October 4th 2014, the cannabis community from around the globe will be gathering at the Clark County Government Amphitheater The state of Nevada has recently passed medicinal marijuana laws, allowing Vegas to become the playground for the medicated now as well as the gambler!"

Tickets on sale now at
Las Vegas Hemp Fest 2014 hosted by Seattle Hemp Fest's very own John Davis, Also Jeannie Herer and the world wide 420 Nurses. also you have seen him on vocals with Damian Marley and Tribal Seeds your stage MC Ras Rebel....Performing ...artist are.....Berner.....BABY BASH....a surprise performance from the "LBC"...Cypress Hills Sen Dogg....WC of west side connection.....POTLUCK..... MARLON "Ganja Farmer" ASHER .....New Kingston.....SPICE 1...year of the dragon with fishbone members...chief green bud...king schascha...Long Beach Rehab...planting seedz...los marijuanos...INHALE..Rappin devastation...Ditch....WAR six...Haleamanao ....lady chef leg chuck trio....goliath cruz..Trikome..1-80 P.. DJs dj chef squar field dr morfiend...Speakers and comedy Seattle Hemp Fest's very own John Davis.,,also former candidate for Lieutenant Governor of California Lynnette Mont-eton Shaw,,Nevada's next Governor 2014 David Lory Vanderbeekdavis,,Jeremy Miller,,,Kitty Miller,,,DR Kush of 1 blunt radio show ,,Sierra Riddle,,,mediciple Mike Boris,,,Stoner Rob,,Bill Oconner,,,Dirty Red,,,Jake Edwards,,,the 420 comic and the Improves Paul Brumbaugh all in the 6000 sq ft aircond gardens..exhibits...booths.....battle for the hottest hemp girls club contest..and a surprise special performance..also enjoy the Las Vegas hemp fest art village with sculptures and props from the Burning Man and first Fridays people, magic shows, physics and fortune tellers all ages show Oct 4th 10am to midnight....What vendors and exhibits will be there?

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