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Temecula, CA – For a thousand years people believed the world was flat because the Church told them it th.
was. Some people believed otherwise but they were put to death or they kept quiet. Today as the second blood moon of the tetrad approaches, the recent 9-11 events in the city where I live made me think of when the world was flat through the heartfelt reverence still afforded to the most recent false flag on a September 11.

Today the Calendar looks at other events that we have or are still being lied to by our ‘free government’ swore to our protection. Or is it their position of power over that is threatened?

Number 1, Roswell. While I wasn’t there in person, I am old enough to remember the reactions both on the radio and to the newspaper headlines. Whether it was from outer or inner space, something that was not made by man crashed in the desert on that day. Of course the ‘Greatest Generation’ knew nothing about Operation Paper Clip. 

Number 2, Hitler died in a bunker toward the end of WWII. More rubbish from the greatest country in the world as they passed on information that was questioned even by General Eisenhower, later the President who warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. Passed on like a loving pedophile to his victims, the mis-information was passed to a war weary people instead of the truth. Hitler died in Argentina ten to twenty years later, a free but sickly man. The story after the jump.

The video about Hitler’s real life and death

Number 3, prohibition was about the drinking of alcohol. Another lie yet to see the light of truth. The consumption of alcohol as a product of wild debauchery and wickedness was used as a cover to dissuade automotive research into alcohol as a clean burning, non-environment endangering fuel for internal combustion engines. The powers behind Standard Oil were the masterminds and we see the prohibition lie is still being taught today as gospel by the great commission zealots.

Number 4, the dropping of the atomic bomb ended the war with Japan. People have debated whether it was necessary to drop one or both bombs on Japan with proponents arguing that every citizen on the island would have fought to the death before surrender. The two bombs dropped days apart were dumped on the only two Asian Christian communities in the country which were singled out by Ashkenazi Jews inside FDR’s cabinet. This deliberate cruelty stopped the spread of Christianity forever in Japan and allowed the US to enter as conquerors rather than Christian brothers. Looks like Mel Gibson was right about this one.

Number 5, Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of JFK. It’s been 50 years since the day the world stopped still and even those who believe still in the false flag of the twin towers will shake their head in disbelief over the official version of this murder, perpetrated by our flag-waving oligarchy. The real unanswered questions lie sealed for another fifty years until all the real murderous conspirators lie a rotting in their graves unaccountable except by God.

Number 6, we are presently the most technologically advanced generation ever. Wrong-O, Sports Fans. Sure we have computers and atomic weapons nowadays but both these have existed in the distant past. With television, a modern wonder based on physics from an idea when magic was common, we see structures remaining that were constructed which can’t be duplicated today by any means outside of Hollywood’s camera CGI.

Number 7, there is either us God [plus his helpers] or just us are alone in this vast universe. Though scientists shout about SETI, research locally almost everywhere reveals a belief in various ‘little people’, big foots, mutant wolves, moth men as in the ‘butterfly effect’, dwarfs, trolls, and fairies, not to mention things that go bump in the night. When you add in the hollow earth theory and the revelation revealed in Chapter 20 [“Holy shit! This is real?! It reads like a movie!” – Cornell, pizza cook at Pacinos commenting about Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green], you see we really live in a bus station not a monastery.

Number 8, we are the good guys. Nope, not since we shipped smallpox infected blankets to the indigenous Americans back in the day. The judgment from that day has come home to roost even though the guilty and the sickened are both long dead.

Number 9, we have the complete Bible. The Dead Sea Scrolls plus 50 miles of shelf space each under both the Vatican and University of St. Louis for Catholic archives points otherwise. We have the complete edited for the masses approved edition.
Number 10, there is no medicinal or practical use for pot except for getting stoned. This last bugaboo disintegrates more every day. Surprising as it might be for me, an advocate and activist, millions still believe the stigma formulated by the eugenics/Big Pharma government shills. Millions more earn a living from the unjust incarceration of forced labor through the prison industry. Meanwhile hundreds of governments continue to turn a blind eye or a greedy grab for an emerging industry they see as demonic or a saving grace, left out of the equation is the magical reality of a gift made possible by God [Gen 1:12, 29, 30]

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