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Temecula, CA – There have been a number of new ideas created or developed around southern California. Long touted as being a bowl of cereal [all not flakes are fruits and nuts in reference to the people], the whole state is credited with starting trends. One such trend that started here as a market was costumed play outside of sex play or theatrical nature.

Developed as a geek market to pay tribute to the hero/character personas first in comics, then movies and cartoons in fan conventions, full-on Cosplay in a friendly and exciting club atmosphere experience has been polished to an art style costumed expo set to music by local impresario Ivan Promotions. Last seen in the Inland Empire by way of Corona’s M15, I recently stumbled across what I at first thought was a case of plagiarism.

So after this recent outbreak of 420Nurses, let us turn our attention to a local boy who is making good as he moves into two major markets, SD and LA. As Stan the Man Lee might yell in a word balloon, “Comes now, The Promoter”!
As you can see from the announcement flyer below, Club Cosplay has moved into the HOB in San Diego and a spot up in West Hollywood, LA. 

As how San Diego is the site of Comic Con, the birthplace of consumer costumed play and LA is the heart of Hollyweird, you have to think of two very different, very lively crowds. These two markets will also determine just how Club Cosplay evolves as a phenomena, having tapped into a conscious nerve of the young urban market. Will the scene stay an extravaganza with costumes, vendors, live bands, and stage interaction or will it morph into a more social party in costume, like a rave without the drugs?

For those who have never been to Club Cosplay, the scene is reminiscent of being in school before you went out for sex, sort of. The costume and the nerve to be outside yourself as a point of interest at a social gathering has been made fun of in cartoon shows like Bob’s Burgers [the Equestrians episode] but the appeal of going out to dance and have a good time never gets old. 

In these days of disease outbreaks, fake food, strange weather, and crooked politics, who doesn’t want a strong lead in a story where the hero always wins in a dashing way?

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