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Temecula, CA – With the success of the cannabis brand, 420Nurses, the synergy infused from cannabis is a natural attraction for like-minded people. A recent spin-off tells the principle of the horizontal economic
creativity spawned naturally by the unregulated market of Mary Jane. The clothing company Smoke Filled Thoughts, a long time vendor in the medical marijuana expo culture [I remember them from 2009’s Purple Haze Fest], has teamed up with the 420Nurses on several ventures. The most recent is the second 420 Fashion Show happening Saturday in LA from 5PM till 1AM.

Having looked at the address from Google Maps street view, I can tell you that this is a compound party. Though indoors and outdoors, you really don’t go back and forth to your car, everything you want is inside the compound. That would include food and food trucks, vendors of product including leaf [flower] shatter [dab matter] and oil [hash], music [DJs and live acts], open smoking, and plenty of activities involving cannabis models including 420Nurse models.

The atmosphere for the social butterfly falls more toward a cannabis themed college frat day party rather than a city party, a farm party, a fair concert, etc. Compound parties give you the feeling you are on a back lot somewhere because you see that you are fenced in. It kind of feels like something you saw on Max Headroom, for those who are familiar with that sci-fy show in the 80s. In fact, the people at these compound parties give off the same underground anti-conformist aura but in a nice way. Unlike the ‘radio friendly’ Las Vegas Hempfest rolled out by NORML, even the vendors are patients and have recs. These compound parties aren’t fake.
The line-up:

What to expect:

The compound layout:

Examples of other booty:

Medical doctors will have an on-site special, among the usual compound cannabis patient party amenities

Here's who to see:

And the trailer:

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