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Temecula, CA – There’s been a lot of music news lately, like home girl Katy Perry getting her ‘I’m not paying for playing’ way at this year’s Super Bowl. We know the ever aware KP will not be wearing a Broadway Joe's Monster’s Inc real fur coat. Congratulations, Katy. 

Perhaps the strangest story was the one in which Snoop Dogg, now 42, was drawn into a rap feud with Iggy Azalea, 24, which started over some bragging rights between posse members. Rather than squelching it, Snoop high-schooled the ‘Fancy’ rapper by playing the dozens on her likeness to ‘White Chicks’ actor characters played by the Wayans.

This feud would eventually take a twisted turn with Snoop donning an [another] alter ego, this time as a white [?] boy Michael Jackson named ‘Todd’, pictured to the right.

In local music news this reporter took in a music show at the only place that can showcase hometown bands being that Murrieta once again turned into Footloose by shutting down The Dial. Though featured at Aces Comedy Club, it was no laughing matter as Keenwild played songs from their upcoming EP Sunsets and Java Joz/Cuppy’s alums Valiant, the area’s two pc band headlined. All the details after the jump.

Located in Murrieta just down from the In-N-Out is Aces Comedy Club. Inside you have a bar/café food area and then through the door you have one of two very spacious ballrooms lined with tables, chairs, and a stage. The first thing that comes to mind is a runway show and how perfect that would be here. This Wednesday the music bill for me is Keenwild aka Temecula Calendar Publisher Bill Gould and his wife Jenifer [Jeney] Kingsbury.

The new 5 song EP was recently recorded at Valiant Studios is set for release in November. The studio is named for the two-piece, two brother [Alex and Eric Falvey] band that once played the music scene coffeehouse spot. Like the songs put out by Keenwild’s personal renditions on life set to music, Valiant’s music is also uniquely formed from life in this valley of singers and lovers of beauty. Though two pc like Keenwild, Valiant plays as a band, sounding convincingly like a 3-piece in music composition. Aces, which has been around for two years, is branching out into music but with two available ballrooms for entertainment, all options are open for local talent to perform.

There were many celeb feuds stepping off recently but the Snoop Dogg-Iggy Azalea rap feud was by far the funniest. After the backroom posse trash talking rolled up, Snoop drew first blood by comparing Iggy to this picture as without makeup.

That led to Iggy finding and posting a ‘good morning’ picture of the Dogg Father and a zinger about Snoop’s drug addled aunt [if that is really the case]. Things then got ugly between the two who know each other socially, and Iggy got butt hurt. For what it’s worth, a number of young female rappers sided with Iggy as Snoop being a bully. Indeed, it may have just been a ‘boys kicking dirt over at the girls’ schoolyard thing as T.I., known as Iggy’s mentor and a peer of Snoop’s played Kissinger here. Meanwhile Snoop looks to hit a million views on his GGN News Channel. Since they ask for guests, I’m suggesting Bonnie Billionaire, a female rapper from Snoop’s backyard, Long Beach.Could be fun.

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