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Temecula, CA – The world is not a fair place. Police Departments parade for justice on the taxpayer’s dime yet report after report paints the concept ripe with political corruption and toadying to racism. The blacks
and fair whites in Ferguson who expect truth there are like the Jews who wait for David’s return. To protect and serve is now a gang motto for suited-up Robocop look-a-likes. Only cameras can reveal with the heart really feels about justice.

With Obama’s word not worth a Continental as far as most white bureaucrats are concerned, dialing back the fed pot busts one place opens the doors for the local Christian Sharia bullies in blue to roust you. At a recent 420 Fashion show held in LA in accordance with all MMJ state ordinances meaning everyone in attendance, including vendors, held authorized recommendations, the LAPD still came and shut down the affair like a dorm proctor. No arrests were made or threatened, just a shutdown of a peaceful event for the MMJ culture.

For events like the mockumentary Las Vegas Hempfest which required NO medical recommendation for entry or from vendors, the main goal is profit, not compassion, which a heavy police presence provided in the guise of being medically beneficial. Those who see the current state of cannabis being akin to prohibition fail to understand that prohibition wasn’t about drinking alcohol, it was about using alcohol* as a clean fuel for cars. Standard Oil was successful and the propaganda about prohibition was believed. It is the same thing today about pot. If their mouths are moving, they’re lying. Monsanto is different. They are the lie.

The Halloween tricks this year will be deadly if you get caught with your pants down.

This Halloween don’t let your head slow blob for apples or bite into any caramel coated ones because chances are the apples used are GMO grown. Along with other GMO crops and foods like salmon entering the public marketplace without any labeling thanks to syncopates and sell-outs that go right to the top of the pyramid. 

While there are minor victories being won and progress made, such as the No-GMO zone in LA currently being pursued by the San Fernando Valley Label GMOs Campaign and the two state measures being fought out in Colorado and Oregon, the national picture is dim with these GMO products already rolled out besides little green apples [corn, soy, cotton, canola, sugar beets, Hawaiian papaya, zucchini, crookneck squash, farmed salmon, and potatoes].

GMO Apple from Temecula, CA, Albertsons

The blowback to Moms Across America and Label GMOs fighters has been well paid to either promote or dismiss the disguised eugenic plot to depopulate as ‘meh’, like this recent LA Times editorial. The reply to that was this:

‘RE: Stop Fretting GMOs

This article reads like the GMA wrote it. If you’re religious, saying that you can make something natural better than God is blasphemous [bad thing]. If you’re not, then America is #1 in obesity and inflammation for a reason. Dan Quayle fast-tracked GMO products sans testing when in office [bad thing]. Terminator seed crops [GMO] show species sterility in three generations [bad thing]. Glyphosate used for GMO crops is being found in breast milk [bad thing]. GMOs are banned in over 60 countries because tests have shown GE foods are linked to gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism, infertility, cancer, and ALS. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Next time do some research and don’t just ‘phone it in’. Look up eugenics for a start.’

I probably should have left out the last two sentences but since I personally know many of those involved, this isn’t an on-the-fence issue with me. It stirs the blood to read simple-minded contrite statements about complex nuisances drawn from pamphlet propaganda by some hipster who probably shops and eats in Silver Lake.

A lot of this doesn’t matter because old George, Monsanto, the CDC, Tulane University, and the Dept. of the Army have an answer for everyone, a Christian answer used long ago after a massacre in France. “Kill them all, let God sort them out” – thy name is Ebola. For that connection in more detail, go here.

With Obama and the Bushes in bed with Monsanto, brought in by the first Judas Goat, Clarence Thomas [We should have listened, Anita Hill], the election coming in 2016 promises to be between two Monsanto picks, either Mitt Romney, the only venture capitalist consultant EVER used consistently on secret projects presumably because of the eugenic nature of Mormons, or Hillary.  

Hillary Clinton's connections to Monsanto go way back the Rose Law Firm where she worked. Rose represents Monsanto, Tyson, and Walmart-the world leaders in genetic engineering, animal production and industrialized food. She received favors there, as did Bill. In office, Bill's USDA immediately and significantly weakened chicken waste and contamination standards, easing Tyson's poultry-factory expansion, and his USDA head, Espy, was indicted for bribes, money laundering, and much more, with Tyson was the largest corporate offender. Mark Penn, CEO for Burson-Marsteller, one of the world's large PR firms representing Monsanto advised her for years and ran her last campaign.

Candy corn on left contains HFCS and green apples store bought are GMO

In the meantime, as kids are once again gouging on GMO sugar snacks like candy corn and people for or unfamiliar with foreign proteins consume as always. Meanwhile the angel of Death known as Ebola has been updated with new information you may not have heard.

(*- A ‘tip ‘o the hat’ to Professor Hemp for that factoid; also ‘monsanto’ means Saint Money - Ed)

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