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Temecula, CA – A new book on marijuana called Weed Land by Sacramento Bee writer Peter Hecht has brought to light more on the origin story about the current Wonder Woman at the head of the press worthy stoner culture’ females in the news. So in the tradition of the Temecula Calendar to present ‘origins’ [autism/shots, civil liberties/false flags, illnesses/Autumnwood Wildomar], we pull the mask off the ol’ Lone Ranger, Chacha Va Voom, and give you a better look at the Silver being made. It ain’t all peeps, panties, and pot.

Weed Land deals with police raids on marijuana providers that continue to this very day in California, more than 18 years after the passage of Prop 215 that was to provide for legal medical marijuana in the Golden State. Nothing has changed and everything has changed. How to tell both sides, or all sides of the story, therein lies the cheese. In the stories that he does tell, Hecht uses real names most of the time, and that’s where I come in. 

My involvement with certain wonder women of weed began the Doomday eve and morning I dropped Memoirs of Mr. Pete [see ad] at the Christmas meeting of NORML. Since then it has only gotten deeper but as a male Lois Lane covering Wonder Woman’s Amazons, the Diana Prince back story had, through the pot haze, mostly eluded me. I kept forgetting to investigate further, having too much fun at this Mad Hatter’s teapot socials. A more traditional reporter, Peter Hecht has come along to provide an interesting reveal, right after the jump.

This is the page from his interview story published in his book. A copy of which was sent to Chacha {Vanessa} a couple of days ago, reports a well-placed mole.

One patient hugs another - Kathie Z. and Vanessa (Chacha) at MMJ protest, top left.

About the 420Nurses organization, it was born 2009 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA, by a group of young motivated [twenty-something aged] women building a future home of positive influences to bring [out] only the best in other cannabis patients. The website was launched February 2010 which instantly became more than a brand, it is now a movement within the 420 community as the sometimes isolation and distance or misinformation about cannabis is vaped or dabbed away to be replaced by friendship, understanding, and sometimes a romance.

"The 420Nurses is a fun upbeat marketing company by women serving all industries in the growing cannabis/hemp business experiment happening nationally. Their expertise ranges from modeling, online promotions, prime distributions, social networking along with serving as activist spokespersons to/for our medical cannabis community. Together we bring exposure and awareness to connect related businesses, models, events, products and service with their desired market demo. 

420Nurses is the fastest growing FREE social network promoting businesses, aspiring models, photographers, activism, information, and more. We work as a team to build our portfolio, skills, network, and very importantly, a fan base. 420Nurses is a lifestyle. We talk about it and wear our brand every day to promote ourselves proudly. Join us and be part of cannabis history in the making. Join the 420Nurses Network. Come see our headquarters if in the LA area. Online be a model, take pictures, be part of the movement, and get connected to thousands of businesses and other friendly models. Join now, it’s free to sign up so get started today!"

AND if you're up in LA this week, pick up a copy of the LA Weekly for this; also available online:

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