Friday, October 3, 2014



Temecula, CA – To a true cannabis connoisseur, going to the latest expo or cup is sure to delight your taste buds and tease your senses in what you personally experience, like Grade A weed. For that Grade A+ experience it is the same as music act Potluck, who is from Humboldt inside the Emerald Triangle, will rap about weed-wise, the after-taste.

For the excellent after taste to HempFest this Las Vegas weekend, the eatery you’ll postcard home about is the Strip View Café. I know because this is the place that Fast Eddy slows down for. One meal and this is where I will stop when at HempFest. Quite simply, the food is delicious and the scratch made flavor of selections served put you at a seaside in the desert, or at least your taste buds anyway. 

When you pull in, you can choose to sit outside as the party with Fast Eddy did that fateful day. Eddy had bragged about the Chicken Noodle soup. Having known Eddy as a person and a businessman, Eddy backs things up like Ali did. But what can you say about a man who can beat you in chess playing without his queen?

I got the soup and the meatball sub. The meatballs were the size of broom-balls, for you folks who live so far north that you don’t manscape. The meal itself I knew was delicious just by looking at it. It appeared as if off a magazine cover. The shot below illustrates the food finesse that I’m talking about.

The atmosphere and ambiance of the place isn’t what you would expect in Vegas, strip-wise, but then on the Westside, you can barely view the Vega$ of Dan Tanna. At the Strip View, you feel more at the seashore as your taste buds purr against your tongue like a cat on thanksgiving.

Though not open all night, if you’re leaving town early you might want to snag a Sunrise Smoothie for something cool and sweet. Be sure to tell your server Fast Eddy* sent ya, this is still Vegas, Baby!

*- Owner, Wellness 702 – 702-427-0309 for quick delivery and quality product. Rec required, CA rec accepted, Ed

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