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Temecula, CA – There is a reason you will never see an actual mother of an autistic child, besides a Honey Boo Boo, ever author an article endorsing the vaccination schedule as it is today. With the approaching proposed legalization of marijuana, one foe against such actions has already began to ramp up the disinformation to California residents in much the same way as lies were spread [and still are] about labeling GMOs.
As the inscription reads on my Strong’s Concordance, “Let no man deceive you in no way”

As a service to our readers and for a neighbor who suffers from anxiety, here is, like that mother, a firsthand report in ‘her’ own words. Women, as you know, are for more prone to exhibit and suffer from this modern day ailment of mental health. As such, anxiety is part of Big Pharma’s profit margin.

“It was quiet and dark. I could hear my breathing and my breathing only. No one was around. My heartbeat was slowly picking up pace but I tried to remain calm.

I can't believe this is happening to me again.

I struggle for air as my breathing becomes more shallow.

My heart races! 

I squeeze myself. I try to hug the pain that now threatens to overtake me. The pressure builds until I feel like someone is ripping my heart from my chest. I reached for my phone contemplating on whether or not I should call someone for help.

This pain is all too familiar. It's dangerous. It's a love affair with a death dealer. If I let this continue I'm sure to die. But will power is a precious thing. Being strong is valued. This game isn't meant for the weak.

If I can't win over my own mind I'm surely to lose against everyone else in the world.

But hey, I've won this battle before.

I look into my pocket. I feel for a cold hard capsule. I reach for my phone and turn on my flashlight. I feel around in my closet. Yes, my bong is still here. I took out a small piece of bud and place it in the bowl. 
Dammit, no lighter. I hope these matches work. Breathe LakotaWind.


420Nurse Lakota Wind lights a blunt in the AM

My lungs fill with smoke and my body collapses with tranquility. My shaking hands stop moving. I let out a breath of pain and eager. I am OK.

Let me let you in on a secret. I've battles with anxiety day in and day out. My depression fluctuates. I'm known to scream my head off when I have a panic attack. I'm worse off at night.

And it's a slow creeping sensation of loneliness and despair. If you suffer from anxiety or depression I recommend lighting up a good bowl. Antidepressants and pharmaceuticals have only made me worse. Go organic. It could save your mind and your soul.”

The preceding story is dedicated to our latest State Senator and John Diaz.

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