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Temecula, CA – Before we turn our attention to outer space and the secret mission to land instrumentation 
on a ‘comet’ or the latest on the 13K
 year-old Black Knight satellite which started the ‘space race’ back in the 50s, we take a look at two terrestrial hot spots both based on long simmering racial divides through the words of Ayn Rand.

Lately the Klan Christians of Ferguson [anyone ‘white’ not on the side of MB] have used the famous quote uttered by the Japanese of ‘awakening a sleeping giant’ referring to the might of armed whites against unarmed blacks. This intimidation is almost the same as the militarization of armored Israelis against the stone yielding youth of the Gaza Strip, pictured here. Both initiatives are meant to keep the ‘occupied’ in their place, a place of submission, for profit.

Ayn Rand, who passed in 1962, was a Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter. Recently I came across a meme of her espousing words that sound like she is watching the evening news. But of course, that’s impossible. The reasons Ayn Rand’s words carry weight today are the same reason Jesus’ do. They both speak of a situation that is not new. Ferguson is NOT new. Think American Indians before we honored them with casinos and the title ‘Native’ American rather than real respect and inclusion.

The reason Ayn Rand reflected on is as old as our birth, and is covered in more detail in these two books. The Bible, as we have been given it to read, and the discernment of the words from Jack Herer, “Medical marijuana is the worst thing that ever happened to marijuana. It’s the plant. It’s the whole plant, cannabis, not marijuana, that’s what’s important!” – page 267, Memoirs of Mr. Pete [Amazon]

As we look around at the world, from chem-trailed skies, to GMO food, to wars and assassinations even of whole jetliners, it isn’t that life is cheap; it never is, attested to historically by Time-Life Ghosts, The Enchanted World Series, it is just taken as cheap by those descended from Cain. It is his seed that has risen to control and also populate the world.We may all come from Adam, but which side? Cain or Seth?

As there are billions of people and this is about seed or bloodline, nullifying any racial skin color (“for all [colors] have sinned”), there is no personal identification needed. Just like the theme of They Live without the glasses, the rationale is simple. The seed of Cain is:

·         Not compassionate
·         Vain
·         Deceitful
·         Fall into two main categories, slow or bright

Although evil can come from the above mixture, no good can ever come from it. There’s a reason art imitated life with the song, “Bad To The Bone.” Expecting the worse, Ferguson has attracted the best who have this message for everybody, especially in places like Ferguson, NYC, Chigago, anywhere.

Because this is how it really is…

That’s All, Folks

Quit reading.

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