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Temecula, CA – There is a saying that Snoop Dogg is old enough to have heard: “If God made anything finer [than a woman], he kept it for Himself.” 

You might think that if men feel that way, why are women ever raped? Well ladies, men fall into three categories; gentlemen, assholes, and douche bags, or the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

A gentleman is a guy who doesn’t take advantage of a woman in any condition [page 232, Memoirs of Mr. Pete].

An asshole sees a drunk, and being drunk too, says, “What the hell? She won’t remember; we’re both drunk. She might even like it.”

A douche bag is someone who is premeditated and a predator, a hunter, and the woman, girl, or boy, is the game. Alcohol or drugs don’t set the stage, they are merely props and a means to an end, for the female isn’t a person but a personality caught in the ego game of ‘power over’. And it is never consensual on the woman’s part. It wasn’t on Eve’s part either.

Since Adam and Eve, the woman-part of man, for she was created from Adam [KJV] has always been taken for the weaker, the one to rule over, and the one worth less, not being a man. These delusions were set forth from the beginning by the serpent [not a snake, folks, do the research] and run counter to what the Bible actually says about a woman’s role.

After that first hosing and subsequent blowback [Gen 3] long comes wrongly discerned Lot and his two daughters, both made into the worst kind of harlot and seemingly approving incest and underage incest at that. When you add in Pandora, before she found fame as an attentive internet radio station, this trifecta of torrid sundry bad press has had women pulling the ball of Shame up the hill ever since. With the way women are believed, even in the ‘civilized’ world, is there any wonder why Monsanto’s GMO judgment of sterilization from gets a ‘meh’ from God?

Since you can go here and read about Barbara Bowman’s run-in with Bill Cosby who’s ‘womanizing’ has been written about for decades. What makes Cosby, Collins, Allen*, and Cee Lo douche bags is, when you’re famous there are women who want to sleep with you. So for these men, it isn’t sex they want, but a conquest. A ‘notch on the belt’ as it were. 

Reading the comments at the bottom of that story, I was amazed at the negative feedback toward the woman by other women and somewhat surprised [but not really] at the defense of Cosby by black men who see it as an attack on ‘black cornerstones’ in a cultural way. Horse hockey and buffalo farts. Rape isn’t sex, it’s control with a climax. Drugging a woman is stealing the pussy and a guy who has to do that has a bigger problem than a ready hard-on, especially someone privileged. Cee Lo has been dropped from two concerts and Collins can’t catch a cold in Hollywood right now.

Before moving on to two personal accounts, one of an asshole and another about a douche bag, I’d like to remind folks that with all the clamor about Tiger Woods and his bitches, Woods NEVER drugged or took advantage of any woman other than his wife’s faithfulness. Where’s the same clamor now for everybody’s Fat Albert?

Though I often celebrate the underground music scene here in prose, there were parts of the underground that never saw light in my reports. One such part was the sex life of some in the scene. As the oldest and a sort of chaperon/sage, I was privy in one way or another, to 90% of what was cracking before the fact and 100% after the fact. It wasn’t really the amount of sexual activity; it was the honesty of it, along with the openness to share the info. This was in my ‘monk’ period, prior to my current ‘author’ period.

At a party, a scene party, someone I knew tried to take advantage of someone else who had passed out in the old-fashioned way. I was pissed when I heard it through the grapevine because I had faced the same temptation [page 80, Memoirs] and passed. Plus the girl who was almost taken advantage of [scene girls here were no wimps; hair handlebars were reserved] was only seventeen.

It matters not the girl’s past, the asshole was older than 17 and though only an attempt, it was the thought that counts. A night or two later I found said asshole, who btw, never deviated from being an asshole, though never to me because of my seniority, scene-wise and age-wise.

Away from others I called him out and he admitted that he felt rotten. He had apologized and after that, the matter between us was buried. I have never heard of anything out-of-line since.

On page 207, [Memoirs] a couple is spoken about briefly as part of my journey in life. I was around when this couple met and consumed their affair, then later their relationship, and finally their marriage. Today they are both living different lives but back in the day when things were first kicking, something happened that I would never have guessed.

The couple was at a friend of the guy in the couple. As the couple was new, the guy was showing her off to his circle. It was a barbeque. When the young woman was left alone with the male host as her BF went to the can, the host whipped out his penis, though the host’s wife was  upstairs. The woman gasped and the host put himself back together before the BF returned. I won’t add this host today as a friend on my page even though he may not know what I know and we remain social friends, as I still know all 3 people involved.

To say I was never chauvinist, self-centered, or had a James Brown mindset would be me being hoity-toity and sanctimonious. I’ve been blessed to know a number of women who helped me grow past being a ‘gentleman rat’ to recognizing the personhood of a woman first. It was truly worth the trip.

No more Doc Huxtable or Rev Collins. I’d rather be seen by a nurse.  

(*- Sorry Allen, no top billing in credit for you)

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